Parkour is defined as a noncompetitive sport where participants run along buildings, rooftops and landscapes attempting to negotiate obstacles using only their bodies.

It's obviously quite dangerous, and for that reason it's quite exciting to watch. Imagine a guy running full blast and hurtling himself off the roof of some building, catching himself on a ledge with his hands, and doing it over and over and over, jumping across wider and wider gaps, at full speed. Yikes.

Objective Cinema, an online cinema website that streams exclusive films and documentaries about a wide variety of subjects, is currently featuring My Playground, a documentary by Danish filmmaker Kaspar Astrup Schröder chronicling the sport of Parkour and its sibling activity Free Running, and how they are affecting the concept of urban space.

From the press release:

My Playground centers on Team Jiyo, a Danish Parkour group, as they explore cities around the world from China to Japan , the US and Denmark and encounter the obstacles they present.

“It started in France in the 1990’s and has evolved to the whole world,” says Schröder. “I’ve seen videos from India to Africa to New Zealand; people are doing it every where and it is really growing. Especially in Denmark it is the fastest growing sport among young people.”

The film additionally looks at how acclaimed award-winning Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels became such an integral part of the film addressing the question of the future of urban space design. “My Playground is a film of course about Parkour, but is also very much about how public life and architecture are intricately linked,” says Ingels. “Life in the city is always evolving and it is our job as architects to make sure that our opportunities for expression aren’t limited, and that our cities match the life we want to live.”

Ingels’ involvement with the film and Parkour is a result of his fascination with Schröder’s initial footage. Claiming that he had never seen buildings from this perspective, he felt compelled to be part of the project. “After Bjarke came on board we began the discussion about preserving space, exploiting space, and you could show architecture in a film,” says Schroder. “It was a journey for everyone to make a film not only on Parkour but also on architecture that didn’t feel like a traditional architecture film.”

Here's a promo clip about My Playground:

MY PLAYGROUND WS TRAILER from Objective Cinema on Vimeo.

If this intrigues you as much as it should and you want to check out the film, here are the details:

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Sounds pretty neat. Cheap movies that you won't see otherwise, about cool crazy stuff like Parkour? Yes, please.

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