Coming from shows at Outside lands and a headlining tour, The Stone Foxes were closing out the adventure at Hollywood's Viper Room. I spoke with Shannon Koehler, Aaron Mort, Spence Koehler and Elliott Peltzman on the night of their last show of the tour before heading home.

The week before, they had played a show in the Bay area and were thrilled with the fans and the support. "This was our first San Francisco show since Outside lands. The Independent is a venue that we played a bunch of times, but this was the first time just us, just headlining it. We oversold out the show. It was a great show and a great feeling." Feeling at home in the bay area, the guys were thrilled to be able to share their music with great crowds in their hometown. "It was a homecoming for us."

With the holidays just around the corner the group was happy to be looking ahead to some time in just one place. "We've been on the road for about six months. We're going to take a little break, see family, write music, keep our girlfriends happy, for those of us that have them." They joked for a moment that not everyone while on tour, is able to accomplish the latter.

Looking ahead to future projects, there are promises of a new album. "We have about six songs right now that are new and ready to go for a new album." With more songs getting ready to be added, they are in the midst of writing. "We give each other equal credit on the writing. You're not going to play what you play unless you're influenced by the guy playing next to you." They come to it open to each other's work and suggestions, coming back with great material. "Something always gets changed, we might have a riff and then add lyrics." "We do trade off singing a lot. Depending on the range and lyrically, we decide who will fit for singing the actual song." Their current album Bears and Bulls, is a genre bending and fantastic rock album. In the first half of 2012, I am told, we should be hearing about a follow up.

Wanting their fans and newcomers to come out to forget their troubles seems to be the main goal of the shows and from the set later that night, it looked like their goal was accomplished. By the time the set was over, fans new and old were filling the venue to the point of near overflow. "Some of our songs are lighthearted and some are serious content but we try not to come out and preach. people try to come out and find meaning to our songs, but it's rock and roll, come out and have fun. Really it's nice to have some fun. it's Rock."

Following my interview with the band, I left the guys to enjoy their dinners at The Rainbow room before their show. A couple free drinks later, thanks to a challenge from a friend, I ran into fellow Behind The Hype writer and music lover, Cheese Sandwich. He has been a fan of the band for quite some time and assured me that I would enjoy the show. He was of course right and their show, even with a slight technical issue, was pure rock and a great night out at The Viper Room. After a little bit time off and time to write, I'm sure the band will come back with an album and tour that will be one to look forward to in 2012.