When I called Spence to talk about The Stone Foxes new album, he was in the middle of making some curry for dinner. "It's ok." He assured me. "I'm just working on the rice right now. I'll keep an eye on it." So while he made his spicy food, we talked about the tour and a video that may or may not be coming out at a later date. The band is now gearing up for a tour in support of its third album Small Fires, due to be released on February 12, 2013, recorded with producer Doug Boehm. Stone Foxes6-2

After a slight break, the band got back to work and will have a very busy year to come.

"We did a big run between Thanksgiving and Chrisatmas. We'll start up again at the album releases on Feb 12th"

" We shot a video... I don't know if it was a secret or not." He paused. "It was really cool! We shot in the desert."

Secret or not, I am pretty excited for the video to be released though. He seemed quite happy with where they were going with the video regardless of which song may be making its desert debut.

A while back I had a chance to see the band play with our very own Cheese Sandwitch. The band played The Viper room and while I wanted it to be a bigger venue so more people could join, they put on a great show. Photos here were taken that night. Since then, the band has been hard at work making videos and working on their newest album out this month.

Stone Foxes4-2

Many of the songs including Everybody Knows [click below for the video] are known to be very political in nature and the band has only been praised for speaking their mind. Spence explained the politically charged song as the 99% vs. the 1%

"Shannon writes a lot of content that is politically fueled. the 99% vs the 1% you know. It's about people like us.

I don't think we've gotten any criticism for it."


"As artists putting songs and words into the universe, we should make it count. Make it about something we believe in." He continues, "You know it's people like us people our age that are not quite established in business they are struggling to find their spot in the world. "

Since the last album, the band, made up of Shannon Koehler, Aaron Mort, Spence Koehler, and Elliott Peltzman, has gone through some changes. Most importantly, the addition of Elliott has made quite an impact on the other members of the group.

"He  is the most trained, he's real creative. He drove out some ideas that made us stop and think. You know, maybe we should go more in that direction. he's got a very experimental mind and process, he's never really settled for a part the first way through."

"In a very good way it's forced us to step out of our comfort zones a little bit and it's always good to have new ideas drawn out and to have things go in a direction that everyone is excited about."

With the addition of Elliott to the band the new album will be one that I absolutely suggest you listen to as soon as it comes out!

Join Behind The Hype for The Stone Foxes first 2013 show to support their new album at The El Rey in Los Angeles [Friday, Feb 8th].

As always, my friends,

Cheers and see you at the show!