I, being Ohio, was excited to talk to LA based Falling Still made up for fellow Ohioans. They are from Akron and have been playing together since they were in 8th grade. The band made up of Eric Podnar (vocals / guitar), Brett Hamilton (bass / vocals), Jeremy Cull (drums) made the move to the City of Angels nearly a decade ago and have been working from day one.

"I meet so many people from Ohio in Los Angeles! We just all come out here!"

Eric Podnar, Brett Hamilton, and I bonded for a moment on our shared roots and then got to the music.

Falling Still main photo

The band has worked extensively with Michael Parnin, known for his work with Rage Against the Machine as well as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. The guys easily admit that they owe much of their success to working with him on their albums.

"We met Michael [Parnin] 5 or 6 years ago. We met him when we went this other band's sessions. He's from Ohio (of course) too." "We've actually done three records with him. He's an amazing talent, super nice guy and he's very patient with us and very supportive. We really wouldn't be the band we are now without him."

Growing up in Ohio the band, from a very early age, planned a move out west to work and play shows here.

"We started this band in 8th grade, we all grew up together and came out here almost 10 years ago."


The band will be playing at Hemmingway's in Hollywood each Tuesday night this month, and it will be a fun time.

"We want everyone to come out! Anybody and everybody. we have really great bands playing with us all month." "For a Tuesday night, I really don't think you could find a better show."

"We're very grungy. Like 90's grunge music but I think we managed to modernize it. We're just a good ol' 3 piece rock band."

Join the guys for a high energy Tuesday night this month in LA! Look for our review of the show later in the month.

Catch Falling Still Live!:

2/5   Los Angeles, CA  @Hemingway’s Lounge

2/12 Los Angeles, CA  @Hemingway’s Lounge

2/19 Los Angeles, CA  @Hemingway’s Lounge

2/26 Los Angeles, CA  @Hemingway’s Lounge