musink If you are covered in tattoos or you just have a few like me, or if you are a blank canvas, join me for a weekend of music and tattoos in Orange County.

My plan for March 8-10 involves music and a new tattoo and with the help of the 6th annual Musink tattoo and music festival, I'll have a blast! Musink will kick off its 6th annyal festivalon March 8th-10 at the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, CA with performances by Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Vandals, TSOL and more. There will be work and apperances by over 300 tattoo artists including Jack Rudy, Robert Atkinson, Small Paul and Tomas Garcia.

If you have any tattoos, you know that buzzing sound and the smell of the tattoo shop. I love that sound and smell. It gets me every time! I'm ecstatic to be able to spend three days photographing it and listening to music along with my friends who will be getting some work on their tattoos. I myself will probably not add to my collection of ink, but if my self control does not prevail, and I come back with a little something, I may have to let you know. Unless someone on the Behind The Hype staff has a couple secrets, I am the most tattooed person on staff and happy to go enjoy this weekend in the tattoo culture.

I had the chance to talk to the festival's founder Bill Hardie about this year's festival and what we should expect.

“I went to tattoo conventions in the past and they were dark and felt dirty and the music just wasn’t really a part of it. I decided to bring the music and tattoo culture together. You know they are such related cultures to begin with. I wanted it to be a place where you go and you feel like you are entering the Apple store you know? That clean and perfect for tattooing but also music and everything for the people that might not be getting work done.”


If you are debating a tattoo or might want to learn more about them, this will be the place to go! See some get finished, see the design process and like I am planning on doing, search out an artist for a later piece. Go to learn about the process and listen to great music. Tickets are available for the full weekend or day to day Bill though, could not choose one day over the other.

“I can’t choose a day that would be better to go than any other.  Bad Religion puts on a great show and we were very happy to get them on the line-up this year.”

Ultimately though, it will be about the meeting of the tattoos and the music. Any day will be a great time for anyone. Beginning its 6th year, this is one of the country's most anticipated tattoo and music conventions. It has earned its reputation and will only get better.

“Some people there I’m sure will be into the tattoo culture, but some people that go will be getting their first tattoos or some people will come just for the music. It's not only for people with full sleeves.”

Regardless of your involvement in the tattoo culture, Musink will be a great way to spend a weekend and just maybe you can get your first tattoo! If you are like me though, you can add to your growing collection. Make mama proud!

Join me for music and tattoos in OC. I will be running a review and photos of the event. If you are getting work done by one of the talented artists, let me know! We want to see how it went and get a photo of your new piece!

Cheers and love from Ohio!

See you at the show!