logo Recently, I sat down and talked with Dusty Redmon, guitarist of Alt Rock superstars, The Almost. Read along as we discuss their upcoming album, Monster Monster, life on the road with The Used, his bad dress habits and more.

Big up to the amazing Jules E. over in the Capitol Records tower for making it happen again for Behind the Hype. Enjoy!

Dusty: Hey John!

Flak: Dusty, how you doin’ man?

D: Good man, how you doin?

F: I’m great, how’s life?

D: Aww man *inaudible…* we’ve got furniture glued to the ceiling and all that stuff.

F: And you guys are, are chillin’ in Boston yet?

D: Nah man, you know, we’ve got two days off…well not two days off but two days of no shows. We’re in New York right now.

F: Oh ok, so you haven’t made it down yet..

D: Yeah.

F: Well cool, I just wanted to sit and find out a little more about the new album, and everything that’s going on lately.

D: Yeah ok.

F: Well how do you feel about it? It’s about to come out. How do you feel about Monster Monster?

D: Well I’m pretty excited, the tour has been super awesome, because half of our set, are new songs and we’re all really pumped about the record. The EP thing that were doing pre release guy that were doing is kinda like an appetizer

F: That’s good, I’m out here in LA and I’ll see you on the tenth at the Wiltern. And by the time people see you, they’ll have memorized the album, so it’s good you’ll have half of it on there.

D: That last run of the tour will be awesome we’re hoping

F: As far as new vs old, the singles, Say This Sooner on the old album and Hands, how do you feel?

D: Geez, Hands for us is kinda weird, because that song…this album has a bunch of different stuff on it, so that song is like a different kind of pop song.

F: Right. But it’s definitely got a good feel. It’s not pop to the point where… people are going to be turned off by it I don’t think. It’s just that natural progression you know what I mean? In a way.

D: Yeah, it’s just like…vibish kinda you know? It’s weird, especially playing it live, cause we run around, but it’s still kinda chill. I dunno *laughs* But it’s definitely a really cool song. From the get go, when Aaron gave it to us, he gave us a rough skeleton idea…the “whoa whoas” and the melodies I guess. And when he gave us that, we were like “that’s pretty cool!” you know? And we weren’t really sure how it was going to turn out, but once me and Jay (Vilardi, Guitar and Backup Vocals) got our hands on it, it was a really cool vibe.

F: Right….and speaking of songs, why do you guys have a song called Monster Monster, and another song just Monster?

D: Well Monster Monster….well…the naming is all Aaron *laughs* So you’re getting plenty of monster for your buck. Monster Monster is the first song on the record and it’s probably…well I don’t know if it’s the most aggressive song on the album, but it’s pretty fast.

F: Yeah it hits pretty hard. I think Summer Summer is another good one as well, as far as a harder hitting vibe.

D: Totally, and then there’s Monster, which is kinda just the end one. It was kinda like…Monster Monster… slow. It was totally like the album closer.

F: Right, at first I thought it was going to be an acoustic version of Monster Monster.

D: Yeah, well it’s weird, because it’s almost the idea as a song lyrically, but yeah music wise…totally not *laughs*

F: So how’s touring with The Used?

D: Oh man, it’s awesome, shows have been great, and those dudes are really cool. We’re getting to that point where we have “bro time”…

F: Learning each other’s dark secrets and whatnot?

D: Yeah! *laughs* I’m starting to mess with em and whatnot.

F: What are you favorite tracks on the album?

D: On our record? *he laughs nervously*

F: Hah, yeah I won’t put you on blast about The Used just yet! But yes, on yours.

D: Heh, I was gonna say… Well I don’t know man; I really like Monster Monster….Hand Grenade, that one turned out really cool… Young Again on there is pretty cool… But I dunno man; it just kind of depends on the mood that I’m in.

F: Of course. I believe there’s music for every mood, so that’s a good statement. But let’s get back to Hand Grenade, I actually wanted to ask you about that. Do you think that it’s too Country for the album? I don’t think that it is. Especially considering where you guys are from (Clearwater, Florida) , and you’re from North Carolina.

D: Yeah I’m from North Carolina, and actually it was the studio that we were in, it had all these levels and looked like a bird’s nest. Up at the very top was this steeple kind of area, and one night I went up there and just wrote a lot of music; guitar parts you know, and it turned out to be Hand Grenade. And I was like “oh this is cool, I’ll keep it for some country stuff or something”, and I took it Aaron and said “dude check this out, it sounds really pretty” you know?

I told him I would keep it and maybe write some lyrics to it down the road. But then he told me “wait, well let me do some stuff with this song...” so we got lyrics and a melody, and we tracked it. And it turned out awesome.

F: And it made it to the album, that’s cool! But anyway, a while ago, people were telling me that you have some kind of signature hat?

D: *laughs* I don’t really know about that. I’m not a pimp or anything!

F: Hah, no I don’t mean a pimp hat, I mean like a trucker hat or something.

D: Oh no man, I got none of that, but I guess I do wear hats a bunch.

F: And your wife’s a designer right?

D: Yeah man, and she actually designs clothes for Urban Outfitters.

F: Oh really? Does she ever customize anything for you or what?

D: Nah man, she just likes to tell me how bad I dress.

F: *laughs* And you can’t really say anything either or else she’s like “well I’m a professional”.

D: Yeah, but ya know, at the same time, she’s like “well you get to listen to your music!”.

F: Well fair enough, fair enough.

D: Yeah, and she’s awesome, she does women’s clothes. And I see her stuff in a store and be like “Whoa that’s so cool!”, and also we’ll be watching TV and stuff… well do you watch that show True Blood?

F: Yeah! I just got into it like a week ago, I just finished the first season.

D: Dude yeah, that show is awesome, and you know that crazy girl, Amy? That Jason Stackhouse dates?

F: Yeah!

D: Well there’s a few times were she’s wearing my wife’s clothes.

F: Yeah cause I was gonna say, it looks like she’s wearing some Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie type shit.

D: Yeah totally with the whole Anthro deal. And my wife said it was cool, and I actually freaked out more than you did. I mean, you see kids wearing band shirts…

F: Yeah and its different. Cause a band shirt and a dress are two different things. It takes more effort to make a dress.

D: Yeah exactly, and that’s ALL her.

F: That’s cool man.

D: Yeah I’m really proud of her.

F: And you should be. I’ll make sure to put that in there, so she can read that!

Yeah...he's the one in the hat...

D: Yeah please score me some points man.

F: I’ll get you some brownie points, don’t worry.

D: *laughs*

F: So who are you guys using in the live show? Cause I know that only four of you recorded on the actual album, but…

D: Yeah. We have a drummer now, his name is Joe Musten. He’s been around a long time, and I’ve known him since like…sixth grade. I was in another band, and we actually toured with Underoath, and that’s how we met Aaron.

When Kenny left, Aaron and I both called Joe, and he had been in a superheavy band called Advent (I think that was the name). So he was singing for them, and had a super brutal voice, but he was also the best drummer we know.

F: Alright that’s awesome. And what’s been the best show so far?

D: Detroit was pretty awesome. I mean all the shows were good, and people were really stoked for us. We didn’t know what to expect. But Detroit was awesome. We stuff to do during the day, and when we came back, the line was just… the longest one we’d seen for a show in a long time. The crowd was just stoked when we came out and it was awesome.

F: They had a lot of love for you, that’s really cool. And one last question. Can you give me something that no one else really knows about? That’s going on in the band. Something that gets them more pumped about the upcoming LA show?

D: Hah let me think. I just woke up *laughs*

F: *laughs* Isn’t it like….two o’clock in New York?

D: Heh yeah well we went out, then half of the band stayed in the bus, and the rest of us came up here. We passed out and shut the blinds so it was pitch black in the room. But I don’t know if there’s anything super crazy going on with this tour. (He racked his brain for something juicy, and provided a hilarious response) We might play a Garth Brooks cover…

F: Really?! Garth Brooks, that would be funny.

D: Be prepared man. It may or may not happen but… don’t say we didn’t warn you.

F: That’s fine man, I’ll be ready. I’m not a Garth Brooks fan , but I’m sure you guys will kill it.

D: Dude…I’m not a Garth Brooks fan at ALL.

F: HAHA you’re not?

D: Nah man and you can quote me on that. Garth Brooks is too much. He’s straight Kmart Country ( a new diss I’ve never heard of).

F: Damn man! Well I’m printin’ that one!

There you have it my friends, Dusty Redmon, guitarist of The Almost in full effect. Their new album, Monster Monster, drops on November 3rd, so check it out then run out to get yours. Also, for you Los Angeles kats, they are playing a show at the Hollywood Palladium with The Used on November 10th, so I’ll see you there!

Until next time my friends,