Monet appears as a cast member on Mtv's Newest Reality Competition: Premiering: August 16, 10:00pm On MTV

Some girls just got it, and whether they’ve spent their lively hood, achieving it- The minute you meet them, their persona and presence will have you believe they were born with it!

Monet Monico embodies drive & devotion to her music, a natural spark, talent and sass.

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Although, you may have caught her on the Disney Channel, or playing the infamous Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, this fierce lil lady is ready for the limelight.  Something tells me, America will welcome her with open arms.

Monet, along with 13 other hopeful musical artists from all over the country; is slated to compete on Mtv's, P. Diddy’s "StarMaker."

Each week one contestant is sent home; in the final round the winner receives prizes along with the ultimate: a Bad Boy recording contract! The journey proves to be tough, while each contender must prove they’ve got “it,” to the industry heavyweight judges.

The show cast includes acclaimed Record Producer Rodney    “Dark Child” Jerkins, to Former Billboard Editor in Chief, and industry leader, Tamara Conniff along with P. Diddy himself making appearances; in hopes of finding and creating the world’s next global music superstar.

This show is going be big and Monet will be the first to tell you, she was blessed to be a part of it. “Diddy is the man, when he comes into the room, You gotta be on it! He gives great advice; he knows what he is doing! I think it was a great honor, to know that he picked us all to compete for him.  An honor, to be on a show titled P. Diddy Starmaker!” she says.

I’ve just met her, but I feel excited for her, I secretly cheer her on as she speaks, it’s clear this women deserves her dreams to come true, and nothing will stop her….

She sat down with us, and gave us the scoop on the show, as she also reveals a recent major struggle in her life.

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Veronica Barriga: Now, You were the “baby” of the group, what was that dynamic like, with the other contestants?

Monet Monico: Yes, 18!….I was the youngest there, I felt like the baby in the group and you’ll see in the show it might show- people might treat me like ‘I’m the baby.

VB: Were people nurturing of you, cause you were the youngest, or more dismissive, like “We got her, she’s out?”

Monet: Not so much the nurturing part….I wasn’t favored, it was a competition, maybe other people felt like I was….I felt like I was treated equally which was great!

VB: Describe your musical essence or style, who is Monet the performer?

Monet: My musical style, I came up with a new genre, It’s called ‘Pop and Soul.’ I have a lot of soul in my voice, and I’m a pop artist, I also dance and play instruments; but what I want to get out there, is I wanna be ME! I have this crazy style that I put together, it’s all about the wardrobe, it’s all about the lyrics, the types of songs that I choose…. (To let people know,) that you CAN be yourself and be an artist at the same time, you don’t have to follow what everyone else tells you to do.

VB: You mean sellout?

Monet: You don’t have to sell out at all…You know what? People may think that I’m selling out, but I am a pop act…

VB: Yeah, you gotta be commercial

And I love it, and it’s myself- I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else…

VB: It’s sounds similar to the approach of  Lady Gaga…Would you say?

Monet: Lady gaga, I love her so much! She’s amazing, our music type is different, but she goes out there and she does what she wants, like me! It’s also a little bit Gwen Stefani, I really look up to her….but it’s just about coming out  with a new genre that will change the world……

VB: I love it, it’s great, I really can’t wait to see that! What made you want to try out for this show in particular?

Monet: I have to say that, it was just a shock to me that I even tried out for this show, I had done a Disney channel show before, and a bunch of other acting gigs, getting my songs on there and I was like, a reality show?? I’d never be on a reality show!!  But, this one is P diddy! I loved P. Diddy, forever since I was little, ya know, “Bad Boy for life”…

She laughs, and back to business..

On the show, every single act, is a different genre of music and it was great for me, because not only am I competing for a record deal with Bad Boy, but I get to show who I am, and represent myself, without any conflicts, I think that really sold me.

VB: What was the audition process like?

Monet: Wow! That was a crazy process! The casting people… There were like, “Thanks, NEXT.” I was thinking, Oh my gosh!.. I was singing one my original songs, I went up there, and they were like “Ok, um, come back tomorrow.” I came back, sang another song and they said, We’ll contact you in the next few weeks to see if you are going to the final call.

So I get the call!!  They have us sign the contracts; we got to fly to New York! At final audition, Diddy was there! We are standing on the stage and the whole auditorium is dark, and all you see is Diddy and his sunglasses just chilling there…(It’s like) “Oh hey Diddy, whats up?” I had to sing my song, and I guess they liked it!

VB: How did you family and friends react?

Monet: My family is so supportive! My friends, I didn’t tell my friends…yet, I’m one of those that – when it actually happens, then I’ll tell you. I was like “Bye you guys, I’m leaving for two months….and I didn’t tell them were I was going”… So I come back, and when I finally figured out when the show was airing that’s when I was like, guess what everyone??

VB: Describe a typical week in the house…..

Monet: We stayed at the RockStar energy house here in LA….We would select our songs.. You’ll see how the process goes, I can’t’ say much … During the week, I was practicing the whole time…Some judges You’ll see- they’ll say “Oh you weren’t working this hard…you need to get it, you need to bring it.

We had a group of people that, we just worked and worked… we wouldn’t stop rehearsing, of course we would eat a lot…. I love eating.. there’s a snack called Combos.. and I’ve never had those before- I guess it’s more of an east coast thing, I’d just sit there and scarf them down, but also we’d have some fun times with the cast, I love every single one on the cast.

VB: How did you handle the pressure, where you able to call your family, I’m sure it got tough? In one of the clips, I see you crying!

"Hey, what did you say?"

Monet: I know!! It did get pretty tough, but I got stronger! This whole process builds you up sooo much, it’s great! It was good to sort of be away from family for a while, I’ve never been away from them before for more than a week; a great process, I got to learn to work hard, and do stuff on my own.

VB: It sounds like a transformation

Absolutely, and a great one!

I ask about the judges and she praises each one, equally, saying it was an honor to be judged by them.

VB: How about Laurieanne Gibson the choreographer, cause you are a dancer?

Monet: I’ve wanted to work with her ever since I saw her on making the band and the movie about her life, Honey. She is one of my favorite people’ in the world, it was a dream come true to work with her, because she wants you to succeed as much as you want yourself to succeed.

VB: Most eye opening lessons you were able to take from the show?

She takes her time, and changes her tone lowers it in sort of a meditation like, calming energy..

Monet: For me it was being away from home, that was really ideal to me, it was a different thing, a new thing, and.... how hard you must rehearse! How, important wardrobe, and interviews are; taking good photos.

I catch her posing for the camera.

It’s not just about how good you sing, you have to have the whole package, you have to have the “it” factor- in order to make it. The competition is fierce out there, you have to come out with a whole new thing that can compete with the other artists.

VB: You are very independent, did you ever feel the pressure, with the acting and music to sort of cave into what other people wanted?

Monet: I’ve been working on this for a really long time, I did have pressure to give into what other people wanted for me, and it didn’t work. I would feel “Anything, anything, to make it”……but I realized that the way I can make it and be happy, be successful, and inspire people with my music, was to write it from who I am, and be who I am! Now I can say; this is what I want to do and their like,…ok!

VB: Did you get along with the other contestants, why or why not?

Monet: There were some tough times with the other contestants cause we’re all competing, sometimes jealously- jealousy among each other..

As she describes a scenario, she is careful to be very vague. I suppose due to her contract with the show…

I’m not a hater, I literally have that Nick Cannon shirt  “Stop hating” I don’t believe in that- you know, you do your thing, I’ll do mine- I’m not gonna judge you, I never really got involved with that, but a lot of other people did.

I always keep my cool…(she catches herself) ha, ha, the crying part, you’ll see why- it’s for a good reason!

VB: There’s another clip where it shows you saying I’m not here to make friends!

Monet: Yeah, I said, I’m not here to make “BFF’s”  and everyone’s quoting that to me now!  She begins to make fun of herself, “Oh you’re not here to make Bff’s—whats that?”

The reason I said that will be apparent to you, when you watch the show; you can’t please everyone, I’m always the peace maker, but at some point you say, I wasn’t there to make best friends. I was there to show who I was as an artist. I actually came out with a lot of great friends, like David….so it was funny that I said that.

VB: What have you been doing while waiting for the show to air?

Monet: I have never had a normal job in my life, I had to get a part time job and go into the studio all the same time…it quite an experience to work with the public. I just wanted to go out and get a job,  save some money, buy new boots… I’ve been in the studio a lot, writing everyday, I think thats imperative! I’ve been going to the gym, dancing, getting everything ready, preparing everything so when that thing hits it’s gonna hit hard!

She smacks the table. Love it.

Minutes later, she changes direction and reveals….

It’s been kind of hard for me, because a couple weeks ago- my father passed away.. and that’s been (she holds back some emotion) really tough… he actually got to be on the show- I wanted to share that because I am going through struggle, a lot of people will see me and say that girl is so young, she’s never had to go through anything.

You have to keep smiling and I know my daddy is watching over me right now, and he’s my angel. I am doing this show- now, all this stuff for him! I loved him so much, he was a really big part of my life, when you asked if my family supported- my mom and him, always by my side!

If you lose someone in your life…they are in a better place, they are out of pain, everyone goes through struggle and it’s ok…… A lot of my songs will come from that, you can deal with pain and still have a smile on your face because you know how much they loved you! I’m so happy he got to be here through this whole thing.

You can catch Monet expressing her “Pop & Soul” essence on MTV Starting August 16, on “P. Diddy’s Starmaker!” Mark your calendars!

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