Young Folarin aka the CEO of the Board of Administration has a new album out, and it’s excellent. Who am I talking about? Wale of course! And it’s been a while since I’ve done a BARF review, so let’s kick it off yeah?


Legendary  is the kind of beat you pimp-walk down the street too. The track bleeds old school funk, with a heavy, low end bass line, with prominent funky violins echoing around. Produced by DJ Toomp, it was a jamming track.

T-Minus produced the title track, Ambition, and had reminiscent feelings of She Will from Lil Wayne’s Carter 4, but this felt a little more transcendent and heartfelt.

The best beat on the album by far was DC or Nothing, produced by Tone P. There aren’t any crazy bells and whistles to it, but maintains all the things I expect out of a model hip hop beat.


Wale has always had a clever way with words. Some say he raps about the same stuff as he has before, but for his sophomore album, I say keep doing what works.

 Sabotage was an interesting song. A see-her-from-afar love song, it wasn’t exactly the lyrics themselves that made it an interesting song, but the fact that Wale must have been sick while recording. The end lyrics of “Keep coming back for more” leads to a hoarse-voiced Wale yells “Gimme some muhfuckin coughdrops nigga!” Strange I know, but I thought it cool.

Wale really went the hardest, lyrics wise, on DC or Nothing. With such a politically charged time happening with the Occupy movements, the lyrics:

“Politicians fucking hookers, why you mad at my ganja? Kick him out of the city, force them whites who can pay up Still different neighborhoods killing over what isn’t theirs”

This is the first time I’ve really heard him talk about the corruption of his home city, and I found it comforting that his ear is to the ground with current events. Best of all, Wale even throws in his signature spoken word toward the end of the track.


Our homie Miguel brings his R&B talent to Lotus Flower Bomb for the chorus, and makes sure the ladies know it’s a love jam. It’s good to hear two up and coming music stars on a track together. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Miguel as some may know, and he’s a great talent to add.

Sabotage was an all-around great track, but Lloyd really shined through on this upbeat live instrumental track. He takes time to sing a little more than just the choruses for another great love song.

Sam Dew’s harmonies were welcome on my favorite track of the album, DC or Nothing. Carrying background notes, and singing the chorus, coupled with Wale’s verses, it made it one of my favorite Wale tracks overall, not just on this album.

Thanks for sticking with me on the always plump BARF review! Wale is worth the effort, and you should run out and get his new album, Ambition, in stores now. Tickets for the November 15th show at the House of Blues are available at his website, so check it out!

Until next time my friends,