ToroyMoiAnythingInReturn Toro Y Moi’s latest album, titled Anything In Return, is the first of his albums I’ve actively listened to from start to finish. That being said, I’ve gone back to listen to all the works and features of his that I can find, and I’ve discovered comfort in his solid array of production skill.

Toro is one of the four horsemen of a genre of music called ‘Chillwave’, which is oft (and accurately) described as summer music. While he graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design from the University of South Carolina, his production skills are surprisingly top notch.

His third album, Anything In Return, is just the candidate for him to explore said talents. I hadn’t got into the chillwave movement until recently, and after hearing Rose Quartz from this new album, I was hooked. Better still are his music videos that have sprouted up on the internet, with several vintage luxury lifestyle themes, and long gazes off in the distance. Couple that with the ever so slight groove-sway in the music videos (let’s call that dance the Chill Wave?), and one finds themselves grooving the same amount, if not more.

Say That is my first favorite track (and second track on the album), with a minute long funky-muddy intro, and a tendency to get me in the air-synth playing mood.

Track eleven, Day One was made for cruising the coastline, or for dedicating to a desired love. Many talk about the influences of J Dilla here, and I would agree that this is that chill tempo and creative snare and high hat hit arrangement that truly seals this beat up tight. This song us at the top of my list on this album, for desired songs to hear with a live band. Listen for that buttery change of pace at the 2:35 mark.

My absolute jam is track three, So Many Details. The song begins with sampled wind instruments looped, with the perfect fade-in of the kick. Once the beat drops, you’re welcomed to a high class world, not meant for thugs and the like.


The lyrics suggest he’s going to really find out what’s good on the weekend. He’s discovered a lover that started out another dame, and now he wants to show her the wonders of the world.  The lyrics continue to hint at the trials and tribulations of their relationship, accompanied by a gritty, down-low breakdown at the 3:35 marker that sealed the deal for me.

The video for the song is absolutely an added bonus, featuring Toro on his escapades with wealth and a gorgeous brunette in his pocket. Who doesn’t want to “check those locks”?


Anything in Return is out now, and will fit comfortably at the top of your chill music playlists. For us Angelenos, Toro plays at the Henry Fonda Theater on March 3rd, so hopefully we will see you there.

Until next time my friends,