Last weekend, a few of the BTH crew and I were lucky enough to attend a show of drumming prodigy Thomas Pridgen’s new band, The Memorials. After his recent leave from The Mars Volta, Thomas returned home to get into something a little different with friends and former music school colleagues Viveca Hawkins and Nick Brewer. Joining the principal band members were Brad Ackley on guitar, Uriah Duffy on bass, and Randy Emata on the keys (although they’ve played with one other keyboardist). I spoke with Uriah and Nick briefly before the show, and judging from their humble and friendly personalities, it was easy to tell we were in for a good show. As far as what kind of sound you can expect from the band? Imagine a sultry R&B singer with a sailors tongue, a shred dreaded guitarist, and Animal brought to life, with a wild team behind them.

I’m happy to say that I haven’t quite heard a sound like The Memorials before, especially with a frontwoman like Viveca. Their intro was bone crushing, with deafening bass being my favorite feeling of the night (couldn’t hear anything for days afterword). But the best part of the night by far was the band breaking out their hot single, West Coast. If you haven’t checked it out, I’ll leave you with the video and some pictures from the show to hold you over until November when the album drops.