The Young Rapscallions are on to something. I remember when fellow BTH’er Cheese Sandwich told me that he had heard the music of Chris Mintz-Plasse on the drums, and the rest of his funky outfit. You probably know him as McLovin or Red Mist, but Chris had me pleasantly surprised with his skill.

I first noticed his appreciation for live music some time last year, seeing him take the stage as a guest at Steel Panther on a drunken weeknight on the strip. Last night his skills showed me he knows what the hell he is doing.

A band from my current home of the San Fernando Valley, the Young Rapscallions gave my nostalgia from the early Hoobustank days. Some may cringe, but those were good times!

Front man Jonathan Sanders displayed rampant dancing, feeling the groove of his guitarist, the sly-faced Nick Chaiman. The set reminded me of that golden age when pop and rock actually had a decent balance on the stage.

The icing on the cake was the welcome high-treble bass of Taylor Messersmith. While not on the same tempo, my first thoughts were those of Hot Hot Heat bass lines.

It was a well put together set of random songs, then their new EP to round it out. I’d keep an eye on their Facebook for the latest on what they are looking on. At the very least, The Young Rapscallions put on a great live show.

Until next time my friends,