The We Shared Milk. If you’ve been following our Behind the Hype monthly sampler’s you’ve probably seen me mention this Rock outfit from the PDX. I first met lead guitarist and singer Boone Howard in my time being the only black Portugal. The Man groupie, as Mr. Howard is the resident and touring sound engineer; and long time friend of the new Atlantic Records members.

When I first heard from Boone that he had an album dropping soon, I knew it would be hot shit. Being an engineer, you learn a thing or two about the game. But Boone isn’t alone (there’s a Daniel Boone joke in here somewhere). Eric Ambrosius is the official other-half, drummer and vocalist of TWSM. The band has been joined by friends on both the record, and at their live shows, with Nick Sickler on guitar on Moon Mother and Butcher (one of my favorite tracks on the album). Portugal. The Man members also join the fray, with Zach Carothers playing bass on the song Drag, and Ivory Tickler Ryan Neighbors on the track Moon Mother.

Their 3rd official release, Jesuses, was just released, and has a very 90’s, West Coast vibe to it. Whether it be from the dusty-trail guitars of Cookie Jar, to the transcendent vocals and slight double-bassing of I Picked Up The Axe, to the dark dance jam Butcher, I felt like this release was as diverse as its song titles.

My favorite song however, was the 3rd track, Drag, with its damn infectious Clueless-esque guitar filled chorus. Yes, I just made a Clueless reference. Yes, it’s one of my favorite films. The distorted vocals telling a story of the day brought a familiar style back from the 90’s, while still standing on its own. Zach killed the bass, with Eric providing a perfect beach song beat all the while.

Shout out to Edgar McRae for the excellent mixing, and Zoe Manville for the nostalgic (of Godzilla) album cover.

One of the best things albums is that it’s out now, and it’s totally free to download right here. This was a great, quick listen, and Drag has actually inspired me to create a Summer Mix Tape for Behind the Hype later on down the line. Go cop this one.

Until next time my friends,