The first album by The Lonely Island is still one my most read articles, and for good reason. I’m On a Boat alone spawned one of the biggest meme campaigns ever known, almost as big as “I’m Rick James bitch!” Hell, it even got a choir to sing it acapella.

Now a couple years later, their second album Turtleneck and Chain is released. Basically, it’s the same formula that you’re used to; powerful music icons put into hilarious situations. Also like before, the videos for the songs are really what make them. This time around there are more cameos from across the genre spectrum, and are a bit more unbelievable than before.

The album is full of gems, and here are my favorites with the videos included:

Jack Sparrow features Michael Bolton, who arrives at the studio with The Lonely Island gang after watching a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Instead of providing a sexy hook for the club anthem the song’s verses portray, he instead talks about the adventures of Jack Sparrow, and eventually moves on to other movies. Hats off to Mr. Bolton for dropping those F bombs toward the end.



Threw It on the Ground features Andy as a jaded member of society, hating that people offer him products that would have him buy into consumerism.  The tongue in cheek video refers to the group of Americans that hate the luxuries they are blessed with, and would rather destroy them. Andy refuses to be part of the system. Elijah Woods and Ryan Reynolds have something to say about it however. Here's the Hulu link.

The album is pretty much hilarious throughout, but my favorite of the bunch was Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde . Rihanna brings us back to the shy ginger turned rapper Shy Ronnie for a hilarious romp as bank robbers. I just wish I knew what he was quietly rapping… Here's the Hulu link.

At any rate, the album is hilarious, and of course all the tracks are good. It came out today, so run out and get it. I’ll be kickin’ back, with a turtle neck, and a thin ass chain. Probably sipping on a light beer.

Until next time my friends,