The leetUP. The next level in the geek takeover maneuver by Attack of the Show co-host, Kevin Pereira, was one of the most badass geek gathering since the IAM8BIT gallery opened on the East side. As fate would have it, they’re in cahoots!

Club Nokia was host to the first ever night of true geek\comedy love that I hope makes swift return to our coast. Guest included Kevin Smith, Chris Hardwick, Greg Fitzsimmons, Doug Benson, Harley Morenstein, Candace Bailey, Felicia Day and plethora of badass celebrity guests.

Ambient music was kicked all night by DJ R-Rated, and there was a special performance of the legendary VJ, and my friend, Mike Relm. You mix that with gadgets, free swag, booze, and those gorgeous Nerdy Girlz, and baby, you got a stew goin!

The basic idea of the event was to bring to the stage a slew of geek entertainment, and none were left wanting from the technology conference.

Together we caught flying bacon, held an eating contest, marveled at mashups, got our cosplay on, and even spent a little a little close up time with some amazing people. The Ask a Ninja… killed Justin Bieber, and answered what he thought leet meant. Doug Benson even got a little party happy with his ganja babe. Clearly a night for responsible adults right?

The one thing to take away from this is that this was pulled off by a guy who went from an IT geek, to a show host, and I am very impressed. I didn’t get to meet Kevin (either Smith or Pereira), but I think I can settle for Harley and Candace for the time being, innit?

Check the website to make sure you’re in the know for the next leetUP in your city for a helping of awesomesauce!

Oh! And here's a gallery of the antics:

[nggallery id=52]

Until next time my friends,