thriller "How can I keep a clear head and write about music, if the King of Pop is dead?" This is the question that loomed above for the last couple of weeks, but I'm back on the horse, trying to motivate myself to bring you the greatness that is the work of Flak.

I've been meditating on this draft for some time now, trying to figure out what I want to say. And I think that's understandable, considering the best entertainer of all time has left this world. Think about it, you're talking about a guy who has sold over TWICE as many records as the group/person before him (which, fun fact, is AC/DC's Back in Black).

Say what you will about the guys personal life, but everyone has a Jackson song that they have tried (in vain) to complete the moonwalk to. Now that the funeral has passed, and we watch the details unfold about the death of Michael Jackson...I began to speculate...what happens next. I mean this in a few ways: The family, his children, the money, then fans, and the foes.

Personally, I think that Joe Jackson hasn't exactly been the best father on the planet. I mean, the guy caused heavy psychological damage on the guy (and this isn't saying whether or not he physically abused him or not), making sure his son was the breadwinner of the house, whilst also making sure his son would have the farthest thing from a normal childhood. His's hard to say, because I know they are sad, but I can't help but wonder how genuine it is because I haven't heard about them for some time. Apparently they tried to seek help for their brother having troubles. For now, I'll assume thats true, and call them the amazing brothers that formed the Jackson 5. Janet Jackson and the other girls of the family seemed like the stronger ones of this whole mess, and I feel like in the end it will be left up to them to put the pieces back together in that family.

There is so much mystery surround the kids of the King, and I can't speculate, but I hope that those kids get put in the right place. I can't imagine how tough it must be to lose their father. You think the kids that came to visit had an awesome time with the King of Pop? Just imagine how much love he had for those kids. It was heartbreaking to hear his daughter speak about how great a man he truly was.

Sadly, one of the first things on everyones mind when the news broke of Michael's death, was how they could market it. But then again, its true, because you had people trying to sell the PROGRAMS to the memorial service. You know you're a real G if people are selling the program to a funeral. It's said that from the 50 concerts of his farewell tour (which sold out completely in FOUR HOURS mind you), that he stood to make about 90 million dollars. That's just off of ticket sales my friends. Imagine what the DVD sales would be like, and any other promotions attached to it as well. As for the apparently money being hidden in Neverland in trash bags, I don't know, but Michael had some tricks up his sleeve I'm sure.

To the fans, to be frank about it, he is one of the reasons I even got into music in the first place. He was one of those people who got you to feel this joy when he came on that made you want to tell someone about it. Hence the writing about music began to incubate in the confines of my mind until years later. The inspiration he gave to the world was insane, and people have always tried to imitate him, but like the Highlander, there can be only one. Lets be real, when you hear songs like Wanna Be Startin' Somethin, you can't tell me that bass line and guitar makes you want to rejoice. With lyrics that are still holding true today, that song is one of over a dozen that helped me though my childhood. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Before I get to my adjutant Gunfart's take on this, a word to the haters:

People say that he was a bad man and touched these kids or whatever, but think about it...the biggest kid in the world gets a ton of money and wants to have a sleepover with them. These kids asked HIM to do it. He was the biggest celebrity philanthropist of all time, before Clooney and all them got into it (although I tip my hat to them as well). Being a neuroscience major, I feel like he never lived his childhood out, and his strange acts as an adult are those old yearnings manifested. Now I have no idea why he hung a baby out a window, but you probably dropped your kid on their head, and are just mad cause it didn't make headlines. What's more, is that this damn second kid in the trial against Michael came out and said his dad made him make up all that bullshit to get Michael's money. This is nothing new, as his family has been doing it for years. And before you leave your comments, Google it first. Dismissed.

Gunfarts Thoughts:

As I am sure Flak has pointed out, with any tragedy there are winners and losers.  Here's My take:


1. Michael Jackson's Reputation:  A few days after his death, an alleged victim of abuse confessed that the molestation story was simply a ply by his Father to extort money from Jackson.

2. Paul McCartney:  He can now finally make a bid to buy his share of the Beatles catalog.  Even now I am certain his lawyers are writing up an offer. Go Paul!


1. Every crooked and opportunistic doctor or lawyer who fleeced Michael for years with pills and lawsuits.

2. The ticket holders for the scheduled concerts.

3. His children. Please God keep Joe and that big-brash-blond-burly woman away from them.

There's so much I can say, but in closing I will say that the King of Entertainment will be truly missed, and that I will forever wonder what him and Steve Wynn were talking about, when my friends and I saw them in Vegas a few months before his death. The world may never know.

Until next time my friends,


P.S.- My heart goes out to my friend Dres for making it into the small circle of dancers that were chosen to take the stage with Michael on his tour. Dres you are a true talent and inspiration my friend, and good things are in your future.

AuthorBTH Staff