"I love a clever lyric that puts a smile on people’s face…with a little bit of a twist," Serabee smirks.


This blonde bombshell is not your typical popstar of sorts. She cites Billy Joel and Elton John as her musical influences; her voice resembles a commercial blend of Sass with a jazzy foundation. Serabee is a force, and her soul is dripping with her southern and gospel roots. With skills for the piano and the Hammond B3 Organ without trying, she declares a funk that solidifies her exclusive sound.

 Her first single titled, “Driving Me Stupid” cuts to the chase. Its Spanish melody will make you swirl your hips and then immediately impulse you to broadcast your angst to the man you lust for. Her lyrics are direct and her persona passionate.

 To top it off, she really is a preacher’s daughter. While she never got into too much trouble; she says, “We’d flash the fake-ID and watch the lounge bands, sneak into the House shows, anything we could think of to catch the performances on stage. I learned so much.” Serabee  had always been set on networking and getting her music into the right hands. As a teen it mostly consisted of  “inviting musicians she befriended to watch her perform at her dad’s church services, and in turn, players and production hands were introducing her to the world of workaday stagecraft completely outside the religious realm,” her reps tells us. Work it girl!...

Her drive and talent paved the way from Mississippi to church gigs all over the U.S, a massive stay in New Orleans, then London for a short stint (to write for Charlotte Church), and Nashville as well as other global regions, then finally back home again.

 In Nashville her creative juices flourished, “Working with Nick (Trevisick) was such a great process. He had this great basement studio which was like a laboratory for me after literally traveling the world writing songs. There was something about being there everyday that grounded me,” she recalls about the experience.

To show for it; an album that is like a distinct cup of coffee for your ears. This one will have you craving for more. Her debut self-titled album was just released this month (November 2009) via Universal Republic Records.

We got to speak with musician Serabee, I suggest you...

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Veronica Barriga: Serabee!! Is that your real name, or is it your alias as a musician?

Serabee: I’ve always gone by Sera B so I just added the “ee” to be fun. 

VB: Tell us about your musical style and what people can expect from your debut album!!

Serabee: I’m a musician so I like to be musical and experiment with different instruments.  I like it to be soulful.  The lyrics and melodies have tones of gospel and southern….wacky and funny.  I love a clever lyric that puts a smile on people’s face…with a little bit of a twist.

VB: I hear your live shows are quite a riot, what or who inspires your stage presence?

Serabee: OH! Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, Steve Winwood! The crowd, the audience, watching their expressions….the musicians with whom I’m playing….When we’re all vibing, its like a church service. You know, kinda like a Rolling Stones tent revival. (She laughs) I really feed off the crowd, and go where they take me.

VB: You play a couple of instruments. How did that start and  why did you choose to rock a Hammond B3 Organ?

Serabee: I started when I was around 5 years old.  I never chose it…it chose me! I was crawling on the pedals when I was a baby in a diaper.  I was just drawn to it, and it was a common used instrument in gospel, tent revivals and church so it felt natural.  My dad and his friends played it. It’s a very popular instrument in New Orleans with all the blues, gospel, and jazz. It can sound like so many different instruments.

VB: What was it like growing up in Mississippi and how did that influence your sound?

Serabee: It was awesome! It was so close to New Orleans. I was so into that culture and music.  We actually travelled a lot, but it was always good to come back home.. to the smell of the gulf water in the air.  I think you can hear those southern and gospel influences in my music.  You could always find a live band playing somewhere... A church service or a family member’s house where music was being played.  I’m glad that area is home.

VB: What advice do you have for other women who are aspiring musicians in the industry.  

Serabee: Be yourself and don’t be afraid! Don’t worry about what the other girls are doing. Just do what you know makes you feel beautiful and confident.  And learn an instrument... that’s always a bonus. (She smiles) It sets you apart and empowers you.  Be what you want to be…whether it’s a tom boy or super feminine or whatever...  Be yourself. More than anything- make sure the music is right.

VB: Who are some of your major musical influences?

Serabee: Prince, Steve Winwood, Elton John, Billy Joel, Aretha…                    

VB: If you could duet or work with anyone, who would it be?

Serabee: Right now..John Mayer or Bob Dylan, or Mariah Carey or Rihanna, or Beyonce.

She cracks up,at her on-going list. 

VB: Describe yourself in 3 words……….. GO!

Serabee: Soulful, Funny & Charming.

VB: Tell us about your song writing process.

Serabee: Each song is different…there’s no right or wrong way.  Some you have to be fragile and tender with. Others you just need to drive it and make it edgy.  When I’m writing on my own I hear everything in my head.  Its different when I co-write… being open to other’s ideas. Its like making a short film or writing a short story and then making it melodic. 

VB: Nicely put! Have you ever been confused for another celebrity?

Serabee: Yes.  And I’m not saying who... but you can read (about it) online.

She describes coyly as she attempts to hold in laughter. Ha ha!

VB: What do you do when you are not in the studio, performing or writing?

Serabee: I’m spending time with friends and family. Always thinking about the next song idea. I love nice dinners and great conversation.

VB: "Drive me Stupid" is the 1st single off your debt album? Is the song about anyone in particular?

Serabee: I don’t remember who it is about.. but I’m sure they know who they are... haha.  No one in particular… it is just a fun song. 

It seems she plays nice...

VB: What’s the one thing that “drives you stupid,”  just bugs you “every time?”

Serabee: A lot of things drive me stupid… (Laughs)  I guess when people judge you without knowing you.  And, it drives me stupid when I’m not in control of what’s happening in my life. 

One more thing:

Her debut album “Serabee” is available now on Universal Republic Records!

The single "Driving me Stupid" is also rockin the charts on I tunes!

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You know you wanna.....
"Driving me Stupid" _The single off her debut album!

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