It makes me happy that those Chi Town rockers from Russian Circles are a brighter glowing star than ever before. Their fourth album, Empros, is another great album to add to the imagery album collection (yes I actually have an imagery album collection) for fans new and old. This album takes us from your standard hair-coptering to floating above the clouds, to clashes oh Vikings on their enemies in slow motion. Don’t believe me, or know what I’m talking about? Well follow along, yeah?

Empros impresses me most, because it sounds like the entire album is one giant song broken up into parts. With only 6 tracks don’t be fooled, this album has plenty of content to be enjoyed.

The album opens with 309, which made me think of an opening sequence of waking up from a brutal blow, and rising to enact vengeance on the betrayer. The pace of the song changes frequently, with brutal breakdowns throughout, and moments of a lone droning guitar, lingering like mist in a vast field. It breaks up with dirty bass from Brian Cook, and double-bassing of drummer Dave Turncrantz.

There’s a palpable anguish in the energy of this entire record, and I think this is most evident in the nearly eight minute long piece titled, Mladek.  With a lighter mood than the rest of the album, Mike Sullivan opens up on the guitar for something a little more pleasant than I was expecting, before plunging us back into the spooky depths. Overall, all the flavors that trickle in here and there on the rest of the album, felt more concentrated here than anywhere else. I found this the track that I resonated with the most.

Hopefully we can give you some live coverage of the band next time they come through Los Angeles, on November 28th at the Troubadour. Tickets are 12 bucks I believe, so grab them before they run out! Empros is available now, so cop yours.

Until next time my friends,