Robert M. Knight is worth watching.  He’s worth listening to, and his stories are definitely worth your consideration.  Robert’s life and photos are the focus of a new documentary film titled Rock Prophecies.  Directed by John Chester, the film will run at Hollywood’s ArcLght cinemas from August 7th until August 13th, before hitting film festivals across the country. The film has garnered audience awards from three film festivals in 2009, and you can check out my take on the film in our movie reviews section here on BtH.  What becomes apparent in the film and in our exclusive interview with Robert is the fact that he has collected so many amazing stories and experiences over the course of five decades. In the video, Robert discusses the film, and some of his relationships with rock gods, such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Led Zeppelin.

Here are some of Robert's classic photographs of the Stones, Zeppelin, and Elton John:


Please take a look at the Rock Prophecies website for a trailer of the documentary, and check your local listings to see when it is playing in your city.