It isn't everyday that you see a video full of scantily clad women--without a single man to be found in the frame. But then along comes Rihanna with her latest video for "Pour It Up," the second single from Unapologetic. Although Rihanna has been surprisingly quiet in terms of promoting her seventh studio album, "Pour It Up" is enough to suffice for quite some time--offering minimal imagery with maximum impact. As a song that's in sharp contrast to the sweetness and ballad-paced tempo of her first single, "Diamonds," "Pour It Up," takes a feminist approach to strip club life--because, really, what could be more empowering than taking one's clothes off?

With dramatic, Prince-esque cinematography, "Pour It Up" opens with a glam Rihanna wearing a blonde wig that makes her look like a combination of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Rita Ora. Her "I don't give a fuck" attitude oozes out of every pore as bodacious and curvaceous women dance around her in various states of undress. Acting with the nonchalance of a seasoned queen, Rihanna shows what real strip club etiquette should be like as she barely regards anyone around her.

Single cover for "Pour It Up"

Eventually, of course, Rihanna shows us her own dance moves--with several prominent Chanel plugs thrown in for good measure. Revealing herself to be the grande dame of all things hoochy, Rihanna has managed to overcome a feat that no one else has seemed to acknowledge: Turn stripping into something that isn't about pleasing men, but rather, about the enjoyment a woman gets from parading her body. So, once again, thank you Rihanna, for making female sex appeal less degrading. Though I'm sure you're bound to get your fair share of open letters from Debbie Harry and Sinead O'Connor. 


AuthorSmoking Barrel