Reptar is a very unusual band, with a very familiar name. Familiar at least to anyone who grew up watching Rugrats.

This past week, I was invited to check out this insanely energetic band from Athens, GA at The Echo. Reptar of course, is the cartoon dinosaur that the kids of Rugrats idolized, and as music goes, Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame) did the music for it. Come to think about it, he’s quite prolific.

Anyway, Reptar has a dance vibe to them, but with the unpredictable love that I’ve been shown by bands like Cage the Elephant, The Hives or even The Talking Heads. The band is talented, no doubt, but what really had me at hello was the palpable energy coupled with the stage presence of front man Graham Ulicny.

I loved the varied bass stylings of Ryan Engelberger, as the weird treble-heavy effects pierce the madness while also keeping the bass well rounded. Shout out to the whole band of course, but the bass has been my instrument of choice forever!

The bands’ debut album, Body Faucet, drops on May 1st, so check out their old skool Windows 3.1 website out and get crazy!

Until next time my friends,