On May 1st,part of the crew and I had the opportunity to get in on the latest venture by the art super geniuses of Poketo and Portugal. The Man. If you didn’t get in on the fun, you missed out on a great collaborative art show, with dozens of pieces by uncannily talented musicians.

Frontman of PTM, John Gourley lent his creative talent on two fronts, with several art prints that were available for sale, and also on the stage that lay outside the alleyway between Space15twenty and Umami Burger.

To no one’s surprise, the alleyway was packed with screaming fans who knew every note of every word oozing from the cornucopia of musical bliss. I peered at the frequency of the Umami staff that had to keep returning to kick adoring fans of the band get asked to leave their patio.

I won’t say too much, but I wanted to thank Poketo and Kitsunes Noir for letting me hang out and take pictures, and to the Portugal guys for putting on another amazing show. Head over to Poketo’s website to keep informed on what they’re up to, and don’t forget to make your way to Santa Barbara on May 8th to check out the boys again in full effect.

Below are a few blurry pictures that I managed to snap during the event! Have a good week my friends.


Until next time my friends, ~Flak