Photograph Stereo joined us on the first Kaleidoscope Experiment, and had gorgeous women booty shakin’ to my favorite track of theirs, She Don’t Stop.

Now, the band is ready with their 4 track EP, Made to Stand, and its funky as all hell. If nothing else, it will definitely hold you over until you get to see this gentlemen live. Multi-instrumentalist Max Fidel’s energy would seem misplaced in the funk world, but with PS, it just works. Head-bangs and foot-stomps throughout his performances, he is a cornerstone component to the trio.

Looking at lead singer Christian Reed, you wouldn’t expect such powerful soul and funk persona in him, but don’t get it twisted with the bright red hair. Screaming at the top of his lungs, and holding back the urge to drop the mic and dance when the band is kicking out a jam, he remains one of my top favorite indie frontmen. Bonus: also one of the most grateful for his musical journey and the opportunities presented to him.

Rounding the trio out is drummer Greg Lewis, boasting an impressive studio work resume, and (rumor has it) Berklee training. His professionalism on the drums is only interrupted by the love of the craft, made apparent by the smiles and cheers while playing.

This is a great band, and you should check out the EP on their website, and look out for their nearest LA date!

Until next time my friends,