Hey everyone, just wanted to remind you that this weekend is the monumental second year of San Francisco festival at Golden Gate Park, entitled Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2009. Be sure to follow my Twitter to keep up on whats going down in the festival.  Optimalarea is my user name, so hit me up!

Like Coachella 2009, this one is a three day extravaganza near the water of the bay area. Yours truly will be in attendance, and I just wanted to let you know who was going to be in attendance, and what the show has to offer. Here’s the banner:

outside lands lineup

Originally, the third night’s headliner was supposed to be The Beastie Boys, but due to the untimely discovery of a cancerous tumor in Adam Yauch’s (aka MCA) throat, the rest of their tour dates were cancelled, and new album pushed back. Instead, Jack Black’s hilarious Tenacious D will be taking the stage instead.

The festival grounds will be teeming with wine tasting and local food vendors to keep it fresh and original, while making a splash in the community. There will also be tons of nightlife after the daytime events are over at different venues around the city. Be sure and check the details at their website.

Anywho, these are my MUST sees:

Friday, August 28th

Q-Tip and he better play Vivrant Thing and of course Breathe N Stop… sure the new stuff is good, but those songs helped define my childhood.

The Silversun Pickups, to hear what all the fuss is about. Don’t get me wrong, I have full faith I’ll be blown away. Let’s just say I’m being cautiously optimistic.

Thievery Corporation is great at getting the crowd hyped like they did at Coachella 2009, and San Francisco will turn out even better for them.

Pearl Jam, because I have never really been a diehard fan, but I want to change that.

And of course Incubus, because they have been a favorite of mine for over a decade. Besides, I owe Ben Kenney an apology for not recognizing him when I saw him at Fry’s years ago and didn’t know he’d joined the band.

Saturday, August 29th

Portugal. The Man, because I have loved all of their albums, but have yet to see what they can do live.

Zion I, because they have kept afloat in the hip hop madness for years, and even had my friend Brandon Jordan from Killradio on one of their tracks, so it’s a must see.

Street Sweeper Social Club, because they rocked the hell out of Epicenter 2009, and I know they will rock it again. San Francisco will give them a warm welcome I’m sure.

Raphael Saadiq, because I have a feeling that because Q-Tip will have been in attendance the night before, they will perform Get Involved. And if we’re lucky, he’ll find a way to perform Lucy Pearl’s Dance Tonight. Remember that one?

Mastodon, because I also want to know what the fuss is about. They have been around forever, and I’m sure will pleasantly surprise me, unlike the power outage that just knocked out the last few paragraphs that I’m rewriting.

The ladies love Conor Oberst, so I want to see if I am half as moved as they are when he hits the main stage.

Of course TV on the Radio, Jason Mraz, and The Mars Volta are must sees. They have been favorites of mine for a long time.

The Black Eyed Peas have come a long way, and while I might not have been along for the ride the entire time, I’m sure it will be off the chain.

Dave Matthews Band deserves the top spot, as their album after their several year hiatus is worth the wait, and a perfect sound for the main stage this year.

Sunday, August 30th

I’ll most likely start my locked gaze with Atmosphere later in the day, as third time will surely be a charm for them to play Dreamer.

Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather blew me away with their recent album Horehound. Additionally, I’ve heard the crew is a monster live.

Modest Mouse has been a sleeper hit in my collection for years, and I hope to hear something new that the band is working on. It’s already been two years since their last release.

Apparently Ween is the must see act, from what my friends have told me, so here’s to optimism to the work of the Ween “brothers”.

M.I.A. and Diplo killed it at Coachella, so I’m hoping she tops her madness from the desert festival, this time in the bay.

Come to think of it, Tenacious D will be a fun and hilarious way to end the weekend, to send me home on that early-ass Monday train with memories on my pocket.

The weekend is sure to be amazing, and I hope to see you there. Don’t be shy, as I’ll be getting many a picture to capture the festivities.

Until next time my friends,