While the climax of musical caliber was acheiveved the previous day, the third day of Outside Lands 2009 was probably the most fun in the sense of how my adventure took wilder turns than I thought they would.


First up for the day were the homeboys of Atmosphere getting down for us a little into the afternoon. Donning the same shorts he wore at Epicenter, Slug (comfortably) rocked the mic, while Ant was cool as a cucumber with his shades on, smoking cigarettes the entire set while spinning tracks. I’m glad he made us ugly people feel important with the classic track, Godlovesugly. I too wear my scars like the rings on a pimp.


The Dead Weather

What I like about Jack White is that every year you go to see him play; he’s got a new project going on. This time around it’s the rock super group known as The Dead Weather. Jack plays the drums, with Alison Mosshart (from The Kills) being sexy on the mic. Raconteurs bass-playing veteran Jack Lawrence reprises his role in the band with his sharp bass hits, on a guitar bigger than him. Rounding out the crew is Dean Fertita, whom you may know and love from his work at the guitarist from Queens of the Stone Age is again on the axe.


This was again one of the highlights of the festival, as I had extensively listened to their album, Horehound. Because this is their only album, I already knew all the songs, and gawked at the prowess of Ms. Mosshart in her golden heels. She was the star of the show, and according to Jack’s introduction of the band members, was “too cool for her jacket”.

There was no way this set could have failed, with the almost entire new album being performed. The crew even threw in two covers to use up every bit of energy they brought to the table. Every song on the album is great, and their performances live was even more crisp and clipped than I had expected. A well drilled band indeed and I hope I can catch them one more time before they disband back to their respective bands. Here was the set list from the evening:

60 Feet Tall

Hang You From the Heavens


You Just Can’t Win (Them cover)

So Far From Your Weapon

Rocking Horse

No Horse

Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover)

New Pony

I Can’t Hear You

I Cut Like a Buffalo

Treat Me Like Your Mother

Will There Be Enough Water?

Hanging with Portugal. The Man

While hanging out in the press tent, I caught my man David J talking to some of the members of Portugal. The Man. Being the nosey muhfugga that I am, I jumped right into a conversation about who the band was going to watch next. Front man John Gourley told me that he had heard from his manager that the Heartless Bastards were a must see. We walked and talked about life, love, and music, until we came upon bassist Zach Carothers and his lovely girlfriend Natalie, after which they turned and followed us to watch the set.

The four piece blues rock band plucked at our heartstrings with front woman Erika Wennerstrom on axe duty. After listening to their great set, the trio and I made our way to the Twin Peaks stage, to which the band was kind enough to walk me backstage to. It was there I got to know the other two members of Portugal. The Man, Ryan Neighbors and Jason Sechrist. After watching the first few amazing songs of Ween’s set, we made our way back to the main stage area.

Zach and Nat backstage watching the Heartless Bastards

It was here that I learned just how genuinely nice the boys from PTM were. As they tried to escort me into the artist lounge, the guard wouldn’t let me in, and I told the boys I would find out a way to get in later on if I could.

Minutes later, I found Brett of Music Allies, who was kind enough to escort me in. On my way in I noticed Ryan coming out and I yelled out to him to tell him I made it in. When I asked where he was headed, he simply shook my hand and said he had just come out to “make sure you got in ok, we didn’t wanna leave you hanging”. I just nodded to myself, knowing that this was why I do what I do… moments where you learn who the good guys are; the musicians who are true to their fans.

That was probably the coolest part of my journey to the bay, to which I followed up with a great performance by M.I.A. Apparently she got pregnant and engaged in San Francisco with her sweetheart. Who knew? After that Tenacious D cracked us up before me, Pati R and David J grabbed a bite to eat at Park Chow, a cozy-ass restaurant on 9th and Irving. If you ever go, make sure to get that gingerbread cake with the pumpkin ice cream.

One girl got special attention.

The next morning I took the long tracks home on the train, thinking about what another great mission that I had completed. Thanks for hanging around and reading this story, and thanks to everyone who made it great…you know who you all are.

Make sure you stop by the final gallery here to check out the pictures I shot this weekend.

Until next time my friends,


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