My first adventures in the psychobilly world were with the great storytellers of moonlight; Tiger Army. Now, lead singer Nick 13 branches off to give us a spin off if you will, with his self-titled album, Nick 13.

Vocals are a strong suit for the Ukiah native, growing up and recording backup vocals with Davey Havok of AFI. A very distinct voice, it was perfect for the country feel, while staying different enough from the works of Tiger Army. The album is quite a perfect partner for a summer drive on California’s 101 (which the album has a song named after), and again lets Nick’s joy, sorrow and heart bleed through the speakers.

The 5th track, Restless Moon, is perfect for those of you who are building that perfect summertime mix. With twangs galore and the steady thump of the bass drum, the pacing of the snare hits are iconic of a classic surf song, with Nicks sorrow-laden touch of love and loss throughout.

Track 10 is a dangerous little number called Gambler’s Life, and lets you ride shotgun through in the ups and downs of a life on the edge, gambling life away. The song is full beautiful slide guitar, and the standup bass that works so well with Nick’s voice. A song that is perfect for that dash toward the sunset after a Vegas getaway, with the top to the classic car down, hair slicked back, and shades keeping the troubles away.

For me though, the best track was number 2; Carry My Body Down. The lyrics are cryptic, and are a manifestation of what I love about Nick 13’s song writing skills. To me, it was a song about reflection, and also about the things we may think about when we die (or in this case, die from the hangman’s noose). Choruses that are later followed by an instrumental fill of it halfway through the song resonate perfectly.

Fans of Tiger Army will find a lot of what the love from the psychobilly posse on this album, and will also learn a little more detail about the softer side of that boy from Ukiah.

I laugh when I hear people say they love every type of music….except for Country. Honestly, we have to expand our horizons a bit, and this is the perfect album to do it with for those wishing to dip their feet in. The water feels fine, I guarantee it!

Check out the tour dates and more on the official MySpace.

Until next time my friends,