My friends may remember talk about me going to audition on the bass for an R&B singer way back when. His name is Miguel, his album just dropped, and spoiler alert: It’s pretty damn good.

Residing in Los Angeles, I had the honor of meeting Miguel at a small studio near Culver City. Already hard at work, the beats had me hooked back then, even in their unmastered state.  Looking at him, he seems to fit the R&B look, with fly kicks, matching sweatpants, and a fresh shirt.

Fast forward to December 2010, and he is opening on Ushers latest tour, in support of Mr. Raymond’s latest LP, Raymond vs. Raymond. While I didn’t get a chance to make it out to the show, I’m confident he had the crowd throwing bras on the stage. In recent months, girls all over Facebook have been posting his songs from Miguel’s first endeavor, All I Want Is You.

If I had to put it simply (and I never do), Miguel reminds me of the new Ginuwine. Creative lyrics bless the well produced tracks, while still taking time out to make the listeners laugh. The album was an equal mix of electronic and live music, while still remaining relevant to the genre. The subject matter was what you would expect from an R&B album suggests, with a very modern and refreshing take on the vernacular of the youth.

My first favorite from the album is the fifth track, Quickie. Coincidently this was the same song I auditioned on, and the song still gets the head bobbing with its energetic-yet-smooth tempo. Don’t be offended ladies, but it’s true, sometimes we don’t want to be loved, we just want a Quickie.

Vixen is next on the list; coming as the eleventh track, guys with actresses as girlfriends (aka Los Angeles in general) will get sure brownie points with this track on the late night playlist. Soft, echoing guitars lace the track, with bass rounding the room out to an all time low. Background keys and trumpets give it a definitive and classy R&B sound.

I resonated most with however, with the final track on the album, My Piece. Of course I fell for the strange warp sounds in the background, set to a steady groove all around, with sing-song lingering in the background. This is easily the best use of a handgun reference in a song, and makes you want to dance with your sexy partner in crime, with them strapped to your hip.

Miguel is not one to be slept on (unless of course you mean literally, ladies), and holds its own in the much overcrowded wannabe music game. He’s currently on his US Tour, so check out his website for more details, and make sure to get the album this holiday season.

Until next time my friends,