While quite the juxtaposition, Mayer Hawthorne and Empire of the Sun would share the same stage on the same night, and a mighty dance party would rage. Hell, even Mayer felt odd, asking if the crowd had ever heard of him before that night. Don’t be silly MH. On the other hand, many raised their hands when he asked if this past weekend at Club Nokia was the first time they had seen him live. The night was amazing, so let’s break it down shall we?

Mayer Hawthorne

After watching the rehearsal video on Vimeo, I was pumped to hear Mayer and his traveling live band, The County tear shit up. The video features a live version of Love In Motion and No Strings; the latter being a song from his recently released LP, How Do You Do.

Mayer’s set was a high-energy dance fest, which left the tiny spaces in-between songs a roar of cheers from the packed room. Mayer’s falsetto skills were top notch, sounding as good, or better than his albums, singing the hit single The Walk with spirited talent.

If you want to feel a little bit of the energy, check out the aforementioned live rehearsal of Mayer and the band. Check his website for the next stop on their tour with Chromeo in a city near you!

Empire of the Sun

This was my second time seeing Empire of the Sun; a long awaited wish after catching a good piece of their Outside Lands 2010 set and wishing for a smaller venue to see their incredible live show. Apparently, only Luke Steele (one half of the duo) tours the world spreading messages of the future, coupled with groups of you’ve-gotta-be-sweating-like-crazy dancers.

Don’t bother looking for any recent work by Empire, as they are still reaping the benefits of their first and only album, Walking on a Dream, released back in 2008. The great thing about this is the entire show, the crowd screamed every word. That’s the benefit of having a small catalogue to play live; nothing is left out.

Luke’s garb cycled through cosmic pirate outfits, down to the garb that Zordon might have worn in Power Rangers. You can’t help but be absorbed by their presence, and stare at the laser\lights show in awe. Mix in the dancers and a giant screen with space craft sailing through time\space, and you digest one hell of a show.

If you like to dance (or like wild sci fi throwbacks), head to their website and check em out. Their US tour just ended, but they are returning back to Aussie Land before (hopefully) working on their next big album.

Until next time my friends,