A good friend and talented fellow by the name of Cruz gave me the introduction to this amazing LA band. Mansions on the Moon are working with him on his documentary series, Cruz on Tour. The band is currently on a tour all of March, and I was invited out to check their live show. Recently, then band released the Lightyears EP, and I’ve given it many a listen.

This week was one of the first stops on the tour; at The Mint in Los Angeles. I wish the light was better to allow for better pictures, but alas.

At first I was a touch worried that the electronic jams of the band would not completely play out on the live stage, but it ended up being so much better. Even at the bass check, I knew I was in for something amazing.

The set was full of energy, of course getting to hear my favorites, Athens and Take a Look. The set showed me they have much to be expected of them in the coming months. The funky jam sequences made for a much needed boost on the outlook of life. Let go, and have fun with them on the tour, by checking out their tour dates.

If I may add one thing, drummer Lane Shaw is a badass on the skins, and he looks like Alexander Skarsgard, so ladies, get ready! Also, shout out to the DJ before their set who tore it up!

Until next time my friends.