From the land of Vegemite and killer dingos, the resplendent singer songwriter Katie Cole is making her mark here in the states with her new EP. Entitled Lost Inside a Moment , it’s a pop-chart-worthy collection of this Aussie’s inner workings.

She approached us at Behind the Hype with a stellar attitude and the talent to back it all up. She hasn’t settled in the production quality either, with Howard Willing (OK Go, Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow) at the helm of her production team.

The title track, Lost Inside a Moment is probably the song you’ll hear on an ABC primetime show, with an upbeat rhythm, and very ‘watching from afar’ feel to it.

My jam however, was the fifth track, Breakout. A little darker themed, I felt it was about being trapped in the sorrows of events past, cowering in silence and denial, and finally getting the courage to of course, break out. I’ll call it one of those conscience songs, where the inner voice is telling you to wake your ass up. Additionally, her voice plays oh so beautifully with the orchestral strings, and echoing voices sprinkled about the song.

The thing I like about this type of music is its ability to turn it into such a good music video with its storytelling aspect. Discovering love, feeling alive, naiveté, taking chances and just plain letting go; it’s all here (albeit only through a handful of tracks). I would tell you how great her work would sound in a tv show or commercial, but she’s got that handled too, with this commercial for Movado featuring her song Gravity. I wish I had the whole song, because it very easily would be one of my favorite songs by Katie.

You can find her work all over the place. Check the Facebook, MySpace, and of course, the mighty Twitter to find out more about this crazy kangaroo.

Until next time my friends,