Justice, France’s very own dance-doctor duo is back with their latest record: Audio, Video, Disco. It’s their sophomore album, with the first album still ringing in my head with their hit D.A.N.C.E. (and don’t forget that Simian jawn, We Are Your Friends). This album is every bit as much a PYT as its predecessor, and I’m sure will be spun for years too.

Horsepower is the intro track, and as the same suggests, revs up the rest of the album, with a breakdown of Nintendo beeps and boops and midi guitars. The break-beat kicks in shortly after, with evil strings of violins looming overhead. I’m glad they are keeping their style intact, while mixing in elements that reminded me a little of their French music cousins, Daft Punk.

AVD has a lot more vocals than their first album, and Ohio is a great example of the good it did. With an acapella intro listing several states and a short chant, the mellow dance beat drops. A funky midi bass can be heard throughout, playing along through the chorusing singers. At the 2:40 mark, the beat breaks down even further to something reminiscent of the first album, bringing the singers back around to sing til songs end.

My favorite track however, is track 6, On’n’On. There isn’t much to say about this track, except that it makes me imagine what would happen if Phil Collins and Justice got together. That being said, Phil Collins, please play this song live!

Doesn’t look like Justice will be in Los Angeles any time soon, so get the new album and dance your ass until they come back!

Until next time my friends,