Boy George has always been and will always be a polarizing, controversial figure. However, in more recent years, one might have been led to believe that his days of causing surprise and wonderment were over. Covering Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" (well after the point of relevancy, I might add) proves that George still has the ability to dumbfound.

Getting his short-lived start as a member of Bow Wow Wow (though, of course, no one could ever overshadow lead singer Annabella Lwin's charisma--not even a tranny), George quickly learned to deal with the pain of rejection after getting kicked out of the band in the wake of being heckled onstage during one of Bow Wow Wow's performances.

With his knowledge of pain and yearning, it actually seems like "Video Games" would be an ideal song for George in terms of theme and vocal intonation. Unfortunately, the result is something resembling a Randy Newman song in a Disney movie that's been nominated for an Oscar. I would actually venture to say that George has sold himself short by even taking the time to sing a cover. For someone who considers himself such a formidable icon, it doesn't make sense that George would feel the need to do this. You didn't see Madonna covering Kelly Osbourne, it was the other way around. I would much prefer a Lana Del Rey cover of "Karma Chameleon" than to see George prostrate himself in this manner.

With the story of the video centering on a young couple (played by Cesare Polini and Angel Rose, who looks a bit like a young Boy George if we're being completely honest), the plot is, at least a bit more cohesive than Lana Del Rey's original video. Other than that, I would say LDR wins this round in the battle against Boy George for vocal stylings.