Before Nicki Minaj was deemed the fashion iconoclast of Queens, there was Astoria's own Iris Apfel. In many ways, Apfel (maiden name: Barrel--in and of itself an indication of her bad assery) trailblazed the current concept of fame on the basis of simply being "interesting" and aesthetically singular. Although Apfel made her name in the world of interior design with her husband, Carl, and in the world of fashion as an employee at Women's Wear Daily, her indelible garb was and continues to be a primary source of commentary at New York social events--not to mention the primary source of her illustriousness.

Her new line of makeup for M.A.C., which runs the gamut of products from eye shadow to lipstick to nail polish, is a manifestation of the ultimate scene queen's innate ability to turn everything into a vibrant and essential component to one's look. It also proves that 90-year-old women should not be viewed as day old bread (though in Apfel's case, it's several days old bread) with nothing left to offer society.

With color selections such as “Party Parrot” and “Loudmouth Orange,” it’s evident that Apfel has lost neither her interior design sensibilities, nor her childlike notions of how a girl ought to wield her makeup palette.

Apfel’s collection will be available at M.A.C. for a limited time from January 5th through February 9th. So don't pass up this chance to flaunt your inner geriatric swag. After all, Apfel's seen enough in her lifetime to know the distinction between a fad and an enduring phenomenon.