I keep trying to remember the exact origins and circumstances of meeting frontman Randy Madden of the upcoming sex rockers, Sexual Harassment. I do know however, that you’re dealing with one of the hardest working musicians this town has to offer.

The origins of the band are probably more apparent than you realize. A few seasons ago on American Idol, you may remember a certain rockstar putting blood sweat and tears into his performance. The crew advised him to make a band, and he did just that.

Randy Madden - Livin on a Prayer

The band lineup had its hiccups, but now these born for LA boys are putting on some of the most outrageous and talented live shows I’ve seen in a long time. Personally, I see these guys being on the level of Steel Panther some day, with a personal touch that Randy and the band brings to the stage.

Yet, as much as I say about the band, I feel like it’s something you really have to experience. The energy is ridiculous, violent, bloody…but downright fun. These guys are reviving the way of the rock star. I’ll leave you with a clip of their famed live song, Sex Slaves in America from a recent show.

These guys are all over the Sunset Strip, and just got done showing Vegas some harassment, so when you see them on the billboard of The Roxy, consider all other plans cancelled.

I’m not done giving you info on these guys, so stay tuned!

Until next time my friends,