The man who is loved and infamous for rarely speaking with a heavy emphasis on the rare is now tweeting, speaking and out right vomiting a full-force attack on Southwest Airlines for asking him to exit their plane due to his weight.

Silent Bob formally known as Kevin Smith is challenging the airline to bring a row of demo-seats to the Daily Show so the actor/producer can prove to the world he can fit, wagering a costly bet, of $10,00 donated to an unknown charity if he cannot fit in the seats and if he can he asks that Southwest agree re-train their entire staff “to be less corporate when they decide to train a poor girl off the plane & shame her.”

Does he not realize what a jerk he is being and all the people’s time he is wasting?!? Sure he is in a powerful position and has the means to draw light to plenty of situations in society that are ridiculous and unfair but does he really have to ensure that some poor girl and all of the associates that cooperated and supported her decision get fired for maintaining the standards their employing airline deem fair to ensure overall comfort for every single one of their guests? Who wants to sit in an already uncomfortable seat with a stranger’s body touching up against them for the duration of their flight? Also, nobody purchases a flight from Southwest and thinks, luxury, comfort, and top shelf beverages all while expecting an outright 5 star flying experience.  Knowing that Southwest at least protects my flying experience enough to make sure I am not forced into touching my neighbor for three hours during my flights to the Mid and Southwest, gives me great peace and appreciation for their extremely reliable and low priced tickets. It’s obvious, there was some communication error where it was not thoroughly explained to Smith the dimensions of the seat and the policies in which are used to determine that a customer must purchase one or two tickets. But this all out attack is unnecessary and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I say he should either drop the fight and live life the way he always has purchasing two tickets, or put on a pair of Asics and save his heart, wallet and pride! His need to harass the airline is a waste of 1,659,044 twitter followers and ability to make national headlines with top-notch media sources in seconds.


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-Scratched Diamond

AuthorScratched Diamond