This weekend, music fans of all types will convene at the (probably) fog-covered Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the Outside Lands Festival. There are a slew of notable headlining acts, including Arcade Fire, Muse, the Black Keys, the Roots, Phish (with 2 sets!), the Shins, Girl Talk, and Deadmau5, but the undercard at this year's fest is no slouch itself. Don't forget to Follow Cheese Sandwich (@adriangarro) and Flak (@Flak_BTH) on Twitter for what we're gettin' into. Flak will be running around with his camera in the photo pits, so look for that photo snapping black dude. Come say hello!

What follows is BtH's list of the smaller bands you should make sure to check out this weekend.

The Joy Formidable - Friday, August 12 - 1:10PM - Sutro Stage

The Joy Formidable blew us away at Coachella a few months back (as they have with their great album The Big Roar) and we're definitely looking forward to their Outside Lands spot. Unfortunately, they play pretty early on Friday, the day that will likely keep some attendees away until later, due to work obligations and things of that nature.

For those who will enjoy the set, expect the London trio to blow you away with their walls of sound. Front woman/guitarist Ritzy Bryan is more than just an awesome name. She dominates the stage, packing enough emotion and passion into each song and thunderous guitar riff to likely attract a sizable crowd of wanderers who end up completely enthralled by what's going on onstage. That's what happened to us at Coachella, and it's likely to happen this time too.

Expect The Joy Formidable to be one of the "surprise sets" of the weekend, only remember that we pointed that out ahead of time.

The Stone Foxes - Saturday, August 12 - Sutro Stage - 1:25 PM

If you've ever paid attention to BtH, you've come across our posts about the Stone Foxes. They're local Bay Area dudes, playing an irresistible type of Southern-styled bluesy rock that belies their young age. They got an early slot on Saturday, but just like the Joy Formidable they're a good option for "surprise set" of the weekend themselves. This is one of their highest-profile gigs as of yet, and they are sure to bring the ruckus this weekend.

Junip - Sunday, August 13- 1:30 PM - Twin Peaks Stage

Junip, led by guitarist/singer Jose Gonzalez, know their way around gorgeous guitar melodies and understated instrumentation. Hopefully, their set on Sunday won't be drowned out by any of the noisier, more amplified acts going on at the same time, because they're pretty low-key. The band will undoubtedly play some songs from their great 2010 album Fields, as well as material from their earlier EPs. Don't miss out on Junip if you're at the Park on Sunday afternoon.


Just get out and have a great time everybody! Don't forget to bring layers. Gets cold down there!

AuthorCheese Sandwich