On Monday night, I managed to do something I hadn't previously thought possible: see Garbage in concert.

I wasn't a huge fan while they were around, but I'd learned to appreciate their music more in the years since they disbanded following 2005's Bleed Like Me.  Last night was my first shot to see them, and it also happened to be their 2nd show in 7 years - the first being Friday night at the Bootleg Theater.

As such, I was really excited, and the show couldn't possibly have been better. Everything sounded amazing - Shirley Manson is a wispy, seductive force on stage, and her voice was pitch-perfect. Butch Vig, even though I could barely see him behind the smoke that billowed around the stage, was as awesome as you'd expect, slamming the drums and being an all-around beast.

Duke Erikson and Steve Marker provided the rest of the music, Duke's bass, keyboards and percussive touches creating a whirlwind of noise.

The El Rey was packed with fans, and I knew I was lucky to be there, considering scalpers bought up many of the tickets that were available for the show (and tonight's show as well).

The 20-song set list started with Supervixen, which was really an excellent choice. From the band's upcoming album Not Your Kind of People (which I am anticipating with much jubilation), they played the single Blood for Poppies and two other gems - Battle in Me (a personal favorite) and Man on a Wire.

They also dove into the back catalog a bit, picking out The World is Not Enough (which marked the first time I've seen a James Bond theme played live), Cherry Lips, Bad Boyfriend & The Trick is to Keep Breathing.

In all, it was as great as I could possibly have expected, and was honestly one of the most memorable gigs I've seen since moving to L.A. in 2008.

Garbage are back, and signs indicate that they haven't lost a step whatsoever.

Set List:

Supervixen Temptation Waits Not My Idea Metal Heart Queer Stupid Girl Why Do You Love Me #1 Crush The Trick is to Keep Breathing Vow Blood for Poppies Battle In Me Man On a Wire Milk Bad Boyfriend Only Happy When It Rains Push It Encore: Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) The World Is Not Enough I Think I'm Paranoid

Enjoy some photos & videos from my new camera (which I'm thrilled to have) below.

Stupid Girl


I Think I'm Paranoid


Battle in Me (new song)


Metal Heart


Man on a Wire (new song)




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