I’ve spent a lot of my live show time as of late with the Rock outfit from San Diego, the Material. If they sound familiar/ if you play video games, it because of their songs featured in Rock Band, Moving to Seattle and Stay Here Forever.

From what I’ve gather just from their live shows, is that the band really is willing to do it big, and do it their way. Fortunately for them, their style is something that is friendly to both the mainstream and lesser publicized world. Rumor has it that they’ve received offers to labels to get signed, albeit at the cost of changing who they are. Thankfully they declined, and further stood their ground with the title of their debut album, What We Are.

The guitar work on the album was quite solid, with Jon Moreaux and Roi Elam giving a yin and yang feeling to the album. I felt at times as if the duo took turns thrashing while the other was carefully constructing a pattern to walk along throughout the venture.

The beautiful rock angel-voiced being on the album is known by her mortal name of Colleen D’Agnostino Moreaux. Married to the yin, Jon Moreaux I mentioned above, she really blew me away not only in her live shows, but on the album as well. I say this because I get so tired of girls who sing in the wrong genre, and try and pretend like they fit. In Colleen’s case, she was born to sing in a rock band.

Jordan Meckley kept it down low on the album pretty well, definitely shining on the 11th track, I’m Alive. With bass being my favorite instrument, I find it increasingly difficult to truly enjoy the work of a bassist in this genre. I felt like Jordan held back on his true prowess, but this is surely because you don’t want to let it all hang out on a debut album. Sophomore albums are the maker or breaker in the industry more now than ever before.

The show stealer on the album had to be the young drummer Kevin Pintado. He held it down throughout, with the intro track, Appearances and 3rd track, A Bird Without Wings being my favorite by him. I believe he, like Jordan, also held back his true power for the same reasons. I can see many similarities to Incubus drummer Jose Pasillias.

It took me a little to warm up to them, but I think these guys really have something going on here. Their current western tour is about to make its way through Sacramento, before heading to Portland. Check out their Facebook for more info on the band and the myriad of ways you can find them!

Until next time my friends,


P.S. I took all the live shots, but didn't get a good one of guitarist Roi Elam, but ladies, rest assured you'd be content. Roi, don't shoot me!