fortress social club band Fortress Social Club is making a move. The Los Angeles-based ensemble has released two full-length albums in 2013: Dreamin' the Life and Make Love, Not Babies.

If you haven't heard of FSC yet, chances are you will soon: they've been working steadily for months, playing local shows and garnering enough attention to open for Camp Freddy at the Roxy's big New Year's Eve blowout party tonight.

FSC is the latest project headed by Shawn Harris, previously the lead vocalist/guitarist of The Matches - a band I grew up watching in the Bay Area in the early 2000s. After that band went down the 'indefinite hiatus' route with their 2009 farewell gig, Harris formed a project called Maniac before landing with FSC. In addition to Harris, the group features Jo Harris (Shawn's sister), Mykul Lee, Johnzo West, Justin Bird Andres and Rob Humphreys - meaning that the band features the combined forces of musicians previously involved with Miley Cyrus, Oh No Not Stereo, the Matches, Phillip Sayce and the Bellrays.

Their hard work has turned enough heads to have their new music video premiered by Rolling Stone (that's still a pretty big deal). The clip, for a song called I'm Not a Praying Man, But... captures the essence of FSC: lighthearted, super-melodic fun delivered by some passionate musicians.

Here's another music video, this one for Dream Girls:

If you're in the Los Angeles area, they'll be playing on January 16 at the Troubadour - follow their Facebook page to stay in-tune with future activities.

And if you're a Spotify user, take a listen to Make Love, Not Babies below:

--- Cheese Sandwich