A couple weeks ago, author and go-to concert partner Aubrey Beck and I went on a journey that would rock so hard that I would end up in the hospital. No seriously.

My first encounter with Filligar was with their recently released album, The Nerve. Just to give a little background of the band, they hail from Chicago and are comprised of brothers Johnny, Pete, and Teddy Mathias, with Casey Gibson (a childhood best friend) rounding out the quartet. While this is my first outing with the boys, they have released an album every year since 2002. Doesn’t this brotherly tale sound familiar to you?

Filligar is one of those bands that has me scratching my head as to why they haven’t made it “big” yet. They’ve already been all over MTV shows, and have played alongside The Black Keys, and the Cool Kids just to name a couple, and I’m sure will add to their stage repertoire. Many claim these men will be the vehicle for college rock to make its return; and I agree, with choruses that are catchy as hell, and a folk-ish tempo in just about all the songs on their recent album.

Seeing the band live was amazing, with everyone in the crowd fueling the room with their energy for the boys to feed off of. Everything down to the interactions from one band member to another showed you that Filligar is a team that is in it for the long haul. I can think of few bands that have such an impressive list of albums, and kept the original lineup intact.

On the album, Not Gonna Settle was the first favorite of mine, with a catchy chorus, beautiful pacing, relatable lyrics and one hell of an organ solo by Casey Gibson.

Teddy tore it up on the bass for Gray Area, one of the more dance worthy tracks on the album, giving reason to clap along during the live show.

As I said earlier, we rocked so hard, I went to the hospital the next morning, as my appendix had apparently burst. Strangely enough, one of the songs that I had stuck in my head during my recovery was the 3rd track on the album, ironically named Health.  This song has damn near perfect timing, and one of the most catchy choruses I’ve heard all year. The formatting during the verses lead to lovely buildups into the choruses, making it a great…if the greatest addition to the album.

From the offbeat timing of Ticket Line, to the saloon piano singalong of Slow Night at the Red Sea, the album was one of the best artists submissions we’re had all year for me at Behind the Hype. I’ll be the first to call that these guys will be the next Kings of Leon. Yeah I said it.

Thanks again to Stephanie, Pete, Teddy, John, Casey, and  all the awesome people we met that night both at the show and afterword at the Hudson!

Until next time my friends,


P.S. Check out my pictures from the night (complete with Aubrey getting’ down!)

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