Late last week, we got to again head out to an evening at the Bootleg Theater. This time around, we spent time with LA natives, Family of the year.

They’ve just recently dropped their perfect-end-to-summer EP entitled, St. Croix. The title track is about just that, with a boy traveling to the Caribbean, and meeting a lovely lady down there. Who wouldn’t want to write a kick ass song about it?

The brothers Keefe; Joseph and Sebastian, play the front man\guitar and drums respectively, and exchanged wits and disses throughout the show. A band that can have a good time on stage is going to resonate with the crowd, and I felt like a part of the party. Being LA natives, this was more like a family and friends soiree, with a great sound system, and the perfect sounds to keep us all dancing and laughing.

Christina Schroeter sings backup vocals and tickles the ivory, while also playing her role in making fun of the sibling rivalry. Her voice helped the sound of a tiny stage boom bigger than I expected it to. Jamesy Buckey rounded out the core of the band with his long-hair-don’t-care dance moves; jamming out in the background of the stage. He and Sebastian yelled lyrics at each other, with stage presence to be admired. A fifth member played another guitar on stage, and unfortunately I didn’t get to know his name, but he was welcome section to round out the core band, and brought dynamic layers to the set.

The band is playing live again here in LA at the El Rey Theater on October 26th, and I would highly recommend checking them out. I plan on it. Bay Area folks, you get them the next night at Bimbo’s 365 Club, with the mighty Grouplove.

Check out their website for more details on the tour, and also give the EP a listen.

Until next time my friends,