A few months ago, I was introduced to the next big thing from Los Angeles. If you remember, Electric Guest had quite the legit residency at The Echo for Mondays in the month of March. Shortly after, they released their first album, Mondo.

So far, at the time of this writing, this album has the most plays this year than any other at a whopping 78 plays. This is one of those albums that everyone can’t help but love, with creators that somehow took the long forged appreciation of the legacy of funk, pop, soul and R&B. With that, they threw 50’s swing dance energy into the mix, to arrive at an album that I promise you’ll find yourself dancing to.

The band is comprised of Asa Taccone on the mic and serious dancing duty. His brother, Jorma Taccone is one third of the fake rap group, The Lonely Island. It’s been said that Asa wrote many of the songs with his brother, for their skits on SNL. Ironically enough, our review of Incredibad (the first album by The Lonely Island) is still the most read article we’ve ever posted here.

The other mighty half of Electric Guest is one of my favorite newly discovered drummers, Matt “Cornbread” Compton. The kid has rhythm, and I first noticed it on the track Under the Gun. He really does understand how funky drums are composed, and does it very well both live and on the album.

The stone cold groove of the Dahlhoff brothers (Todd and Tory) bring the bass and main keys to the mix on the road, and hit every note perfectly. But you already know I love the live show, so let’s get into the album, innit?

The second track, This Head I Hold is probably the most famous track of the album, and was the first single released from Mondo. This one made the ladies scream at the live show, and on the album is obviously a solid endeavor. The video for it is hilarious, and all around a good time. The playful pianos are stuck in my head again damnit!

Under the Gun is a low key funk jam about the struggles to make it big in the world, looking the face of defeat in the eyes. When you parents lift you up and push you out of the nest, shit gets real. This song essentially nails that on the head with smooth groove guitar and Beatles sounding organs.

Awake is that Monday morning wake up song to get ready to. The weekend wasn’t the only great thing that the character lost, but this chorus keeps listeners quite hopeful. Lyrically, this may be my favorite song on the album, and I don’t even know what they are saying in that amazing chorus. “Season of the witch”?

Troubleman is a 9 minute love jam that is one of the best I have heard in years. Island guitars open up the first verse before the drums and bass guitar kicks in. The harmonizing is perfectly timed, and the chorus remains the addictive main ingredient of this song. Also, the pace of the song starts out at a disco speed, and after an organ solo, slows to a low down, almost R&B beat. For me, this was a cornerstone of what made this album great. The eighth track, it really pulls the album together.

I could go on about these guys, as the whole album is hit after hit, but you really should get it and see what I’m ranting about. Check these guys out this weekend at the Make Music Pasadena music festival, and also soon at the Viper Room on Monday, June 18th.

We will hopefully see your faces at one of the two! Mondo is out now, and waiting for you to dance with it.

Until next time my friends,