Electric guest just finished their residency at The Echo, playing every Monday in February.  I went to the first and last shows to get a grip on what this hip cadre of musicians was all about.

A friend told me about how their song This Head I Hold, and from there, the chase began. I’ve learned in the past few months just how beautiful a gem The Echo is for amazing music, and true-fan crowd. Shows here normally include some sort of screaming female fan, or breakdancing showgoer, starving for the adrenaline.


Electric Guest whets the appetite of both, with their front man Asa pulling dance moves with enough soul to remind me of the late great James Brown. The feeling of their music makes me think fans of funk or R&B would see the most gain from their live show, but their music remains accessible to everyone from the jump off.

I’m looking forward to hearing their debut album, Mondo, out on April 24th. In the meantime, check out their website for upcoming shows, and a free download of another favorite of mine, American Daydream. That chorus will hook you, just wait.

Word on the street is that production legend Dangermouse has his hands on this project, and after listening to Troubleman on their Facebook, I can see where this thought spawned. We shall see!


Until next time my friends,