It’s not often that we at BTH get to attend college shows, and less often still that they occur for free in the lovely, college-run little town of Isla Vista. You know, home of some of the hardest partying college kids I’ve ever known. Santa Barbara is lovely this time of year, and we were invited to take part in this year’s UCSB Extravaganza. Since 1980, the campus has held this festival just about every year in the schools own Harder Stadium. The lineup has seen music greats from all genre’s from Common, to Jane’s Addiction, to Agent Orange, to Fishbone, to Busta Rhymes, to Nas and back again. This year’s lineup was another successful juxtaposition beneath the sun.

Scratched Diamond and I hit the scene just in time to catch the middle and end of the Super Mash Bros in action. It was my first run in with the duo, and they made sure to get the energy high to carry out into the evening. To keep it classy, we all had a group sing-along of I’m on a Boat by Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg.

Next up was Scratched Diamond’s band du jour, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic  Zeros; everyone’s favorite bumpkin bouncing crew. I missed their performance at Coachella, so this was my chance. This time around, Ed set his mic stand carefully, not to injure any photographers (you Coachella folks know the mishap I’m talking about). Just by looking at Edward, you know he’s a cool dude, and acted as such, as toward the end of his set he let an adoring fan sing with him and hug him (check the pic below). After seeing them live, I really want to see what their headlining show is like. Well played Edward.

Chromeo was up next, and from the looks of it, had the most fun on stage, with Dave 1 laughing and dancing around on stage while P-Thugg showed his mastery of auto tune. I wasn’t sure how their live show would translate from the album, but it was spot on, if not better than my expectations. The boys even took the time to look over the side fence backstage to autograph memorabilia.

Young Money’s biggest sensation Drake was the flagship artist of the night, and he came to wreck. To get the girls randy, his DJ bumped the latest and greatest Young Money songs, with a little Rihanna and Jay Z thrown in for good measure. They even took time to give their thanks to Lil Wayne, as my favorite 2010 Wayne song Steady Mobbin’ blasted away. Never have I seen so many white kids yelling out the N word at one time, but like Jay Z said to Oprah, it didn’t really bother me.

Drake made sure to play my favorite song, November 18th of his mixtape before we took our leave. I heard a rumor that Birdman came out as a surprise guest as well, which I’m sorry I missed. But looking at all the beautiful college girls prance around in their hippie wear put a Band-Aid on that wound.

Dear UCSB, we miss college. See you next year. Enjoy the gallery below, and you just might spot yourself! (click on an image here, and again on it's next page for the full size!)

[gallery] Until next time my friends, ~Flak