I was introduced to the sounds of Los Angles rock band Dead Sara by Behind the Hype’s own Scratched Diamond. As someone who doesn’t listen to a ton of rock music, I know that when she recommended a rock band, it was for keeps.

For SD, it’s all about paying respect to the craft, without being distracted by all the crazy bells and whistles. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics, and do them well. This is the case for this shining star of a quartet.

Their self-titled album comes out on the 10th, and with powerful ballads like their single Weatherman are any indication, this album is going to be in your top ten this year. I feel like if a titan 90’s rock band were to remerge, this is what they would wish to sound like. And I mean that in all the best ways.

I admit I wish I could sing along, but vocalist Emily Armstrong hits crazy notes somewhere between a serenade and a scream that sets her apart. Guitarist Siouxie Medley knows her rock flavors, and shreds perfectly throughout the album.

What I like about drummer Sean Friday’s work here, is that you can subtly feel that his talents on the album being pulled back. To me, this indicates that in the live show, you can expect a spectacular drum solo or two. Listen throughout the album for the slight double-bass action that stands very well placed.

The bass stylings of Chris Null are what makes me think this band would have killed in the 90’s and will do the same in the present day LA music scene. Hanging out on the low end, the deep, almost pop-rock notes are what make this band to jam along to.

The band has been dominating the Los Angeles spots for a good few months at least, and before you know it, the huge venues are going to be posting ‘SOLD OUT’ signs on the door. You just feel from this album, that when you see Dead Sara live, it’s going to be a kick ass time. In a perfect world, I think the sexy singers of Dead Sara and HoneyHoney would make for a hell of a night. When it happens, you can thank me later.

Remember, April 10th for the release of the album, and don’t forget to check out their Facebook for more information.

Until next time my friends,