Now tune it to the Mutha F**in' greatest! Welp, all Coach goers feel victim to the rumors of hip-hop (ex: surprise appearances from Dr. Dre, Eminem etc. etc.).  Hey, at least the gossip spiked audience desires to be at the main stage for all the hip-hop performances but even though no rumor bloomed into truth, Jay-Z, B.o.B, Gorillaz and De La Soul all still delivered straight gangster performances. My boys are smart, their rumors got all those hipsters away from their usual indie rock love and had them standing through whole sets and not simply awaiting the guest appearance, stunned at how awesome hip-hop can be live.  Hellz gggeah! I love that not only did the Gorillaz and De La Soul come with a full band so did Jay-Z and B.o.B

B.o.B at Coachella 2010

Jay-Z Coachella 2010

De La Soul Coachella 2010

Jay was out a voice and still put forth a 100% love for the game performance, it was worth the stress of making my way to Indio, CA to be there for that alone.  Also, Jay-Z did better than bringing Dr.Dre out, he brought the woman he loves, Beyonce Knowles, and tell me what would could be better than showing off your beautiful wife, listening to her sing and capping off  day one of a hippie festival with thuggish ruggish romance?

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Coachella 2010

Then Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros straight killed it with a smashing performance and heart felt entrance.  All I can tell you about them, is if you have the chance to go see these guys live, don’t hesitate just buy the tickets.

Beth Ditto & Hannah Billie of the Gossip Coachella 2010

Then came the Gossip.  Recently, Bill Withers was speaking during a panel at the ASCAP Expo at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood and I had the pleasure of being part of the niche audience in the room.  Bill told an endearing tale where he was asked to leave a recording studio by an artist who had just arrived for their session, just as Bill got into his car the artist who had previously asked him to exit the facilities came running out with an apology, where he cutely shrugged and stated, “Hey, in my day nobody knew what I looked like. I didn’t have my own line of shoelaces either.” Beth Ditto is like that for the American appetite. Her voice is stunning, her band rocks, they are everything that modern music and promotion should be – real and really bloody good.

Beth Ditto of the Gossip Coachella 2010

Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine Coachella 2010

Wow!  You’d think I’d be done with highlights, but I am not. Florence and the Machine was extraordinary. Florence Welch her self is more than an UK dame, she is a quite riot.  Her vocal range is stunning and for it to come to life on stage and not just on her first album release “Lungs” that won the 2010 title for Best British Album, really makes you smile because she is a woman who has honestly landed where she was always flying to be.

Florence Welch Coachella 2010

Oh Coachella, I will return next year and better prepared.  Check back next year for your Coachella forecast. <3

Hova! Hova! Hova!

P.S. If you thought you lost your shit checking Jay-Z and then really lost your shit, visit here to find out the details of Coachella's lost and found.