coachella-2009-080 The final phase of my Coachella 2009 coverage is upon us at last. I'll finish what I started oh so long ago, and give you the third and final piece of the magic that was Coachella.

I feel like I missed an important saying while walking around the festival grounds and camp grounds. The saying "Happy Coachella!" rang through clearly throughout the day. At first it was annoying, but later on had me feel a little bit endearing, as only the cool people were saying it. Me being cool, I embraced it sooner or later.

By the third day, I had gotten in the true swing of the festivals epic motions. I took my time to hang around the camp all day. While sitting around in the internet café tent, I watched as people got pissed about their iPhones being stolen, and ran into some friends of mine back home. Carrying a tray full of homefries that he was given for free, Brandon A. and I hung out with his girlfriend Bonnie C., and another classmate of mine, Andrew M.

Andrew, Myself, and Brandon. Sex.

After watching the effects of the sun on their deodorant sticks, I watched how to cleverly sneak illegal substances into the grounds, and headed for the main gain, with my first artist of the day being Lupe Fiasco.

I broke off from the friends in search of a great place to stand, and got decently close to the main stage. Now, Lupe is one of my favorite rappers right now, and I was hoping to be blown away by his performance, but also not sure of what to expect at the same time. His band spent a good amount of time getting us hyped to bring him to the stage.


Thankfully he delivered. I wanted to hear Superstar, but songs with featurettes are harder because the other person has to be there. Then, out of nowhere, Matthew Santos comes out midway during the show to sing Superstar and help out in general with the backup singing.  Also, they surprised me to sing Streets on Fire another favorite of mine that Santos sings the introduction to.

Best of all though, was finishing with the song DayDream which I was worried that it wouldn't be played. It's the feeling you get because you may love a song, but the rest of the world may not care about said song. Here's a clip of its badass intro by the lead guitar player of Lupe's band.

For the next few hours, I needed to occupy myself while waiting for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's to take the main stage. I stopped in to see the Clipse (who cancelled btw...shout to James for calling me out) perform Wamp Wamp and then moved back to the main stage to catch the end of Peter, Bjorn, and John. The reason for seeing them was twofold: I just got their latest album and, and because I wanted to see Young Folks performed live. My wishes were granted, and when they got done playing, I moved along closer to the stage, as I knew it would get hectic for Karen O and company.

I didn't get as close as I wanted, but I did meet a lovely couple who were veteran Coachella visitors; Michelle and Eddie T. from Santa Barbara. Eddie had steel balls, admitting his love for Karen O., but it seemed as if this was nothing new when Michelle didn't flinch. But who can blame him, its Karen O.

Eddie, Me, Karen O....on the screen.

Its Blitz came out a few months ago, and it so far is one of my favorite albums of the year. But people warned me that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' shows have been ruined before from Karen's old drinking habits, but she was clean as a whistle for this performance. Karen look awesome in her get-up; a pair of teal reflective pants with matching gold scale boas. Here was the set list and clips from Dull Life (my favorite new song of theirs) and their first big hit, Maps. coachella-2009-146

1.Runaway 2.Dull Life 3.Gold Lion 4.Honeybear 5.Black Tongue 6.Human Fly (The Cramps cover) 7.Zero 8.Cheated Hearts 9.Skeletons 10.Soft Shock 11.Maps 12.Heads Will Roll 13.Y Control

The last bit of the night and festival was a crossroads for me, because I had to make a terrible decision: stay at the main stage to see The Cure play what would be a legendary show, or watch Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. I had no idea what The Cure was going to play, but they were taking the main stage, so it had to be epic right? But on the other hand we have Flavor Flav announcing that they were going to play the historic landmark of a record It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. I gambled my friends, and still haven't decided if I won or lost, but I went with the Cure. But not before getting a clip of Flav in his jester hat.

Before laying down and enjoying the mega set list of The Cure, I captured a bit of the bass line from one of my favorites, Lullaby.

Main set: 1.underneath the stars 2.prayers for rain 3.a strange day 4.alt.end 5.the end of the world 6.lovesong wish impossible things of you 9.lullaby 9.from the edge of the deep green sea 10.the perfect boy 11.wrong number 12.push 13.inbetween days 14.just like heaven 15.primary 16.shake dog shake 17.the hungry ghost 18.disintegration hundred years's over


Encore 1: 21.if only tonight we could sleep 22.the kiss Encore 2: night 24.m for today 26.a forest Encore 3: 27.three imaginary boys in cairo 29.boys don't cry 30.jumping someone else's train 31.grinding halt (partial)


This was quite an intense set, and went on way past its curfew. During the last encore, the main power was cut, but the band kept playing on their rig power. During an almost acoustic performance of Boys Don't Cry, the boys keep on pushing, over a lovely end to Coachella 2009.

This was an experience unlike anything I've ever seen or heard in the world of music, and I hope to be there again next year. Hopefully we at BTH will be ballin' so hard that we will get VIP comp'd tents. I hope you've enjoyed my segments on Coachella 2009 and that you'll look into going next year, as its well worth the money.  Thank you to all the people involved in making this happen...and by that I mean the artists and my friends, as Goldenvoice were the assholes who wouldn't even give a human response to our press pass submission.

In case you want to go back to previous parts of my Coachella 2009 coverage, here are the links for Day 1 and Day 2.

Until next time my friends,