Since 2005, I’ve been enamored with the Post-Harcore stylings of those PA boys, Circa Survive. Every album the band releases continues to amazing me, with enough new creative development, while still managing to flirt with everything familiar. As always, this subtle balance keeps bands alive for decades. Recently, at Club Nokia here in Los Angeles, Circa Survive came to town. Somehow never seeing Circa Survive live, I was ready to get my face melted off. I knew that the band had a massive following, but this was incredible. If for nothing else, I think I watched more people crowd surf in that small venue, than I have at all shows I’ve ever been to, combined. Even from my count, we’re talking at least 40, some even multiple participators.

It was a joy to watch Anthony Green float around stage, summoning his crowd, and spinning to the weaving by the band.  I really must tip my hat to their dedication to layering, and not skipping a note in the live show.

For me, the set’s highlight came when the first verse of Stop the Fuckin Car was sung primarily by the crowd, without the band. As major fans of Juturna can probably guess, the band brought it all together after “Don’t be alarmed, I feel we’re falling back to ground”

For your viewing pleasure, here was the night’s setlist:

Sharp Practice

In the Morning and Amazing...

Imaginary Enemy

Through the Desert Alone

We're All Thieves

Birth of the Economic Hit Man

Frozen Creek

In Fear and Faith

I Felt Free


The Great Golden Baby

Glass Arrows

Stop the Fuckin' Car

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose

The Lottery


Act Appalled

Get Out


What’s your favorite Circa moment I wonder? Maybe it was in the puppies came out?

I spent most of the show quietly singing all the lyrics to myself, in the perch of the upper levels, watching and photographing. Granted, it’s hard to miss a 6 and a half foot black dude in a red thermal.

Until next time my friends,