How many of the "world's biggest bands" take themselves far too seriously? Far too many bands think they are truly a gift to everyone they come into contact with, including promoters, venues, fans, and labels. Much has been written over the years about artists/bands' ridiculous demands on tour. They range from respectable and understandable (this particular brand of bottled water over another) to head-shakingly ridiculous (such as Katy Perry's demands to have her drivers not look at her or dare engage her in conversation).

It comes as quite a relief, then to see the Foo Fighters' tour rider. Currently flying around the world playing shows in all kinds of countries in support of their stellar new album Wasting Light, there's no hiding the fact that the Foos are one of the most fun-loving rock bands around. They don't take themselves very seriously. The Smoking Gun posted their coloring book/activity guide tour rider, and it's definitely worth a click of your mouse.

As the article outlines, Described as the group’s “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages,” the section opens with a drawing of front man Dave Grohl shredding with a fork and knife in his hand. Bassist Nate Mendel opines on what constitutes a delicious breakfast. Drummer Tyler Hawkins explains the difference between a good and bad salad. A maze leads guitarist Chris Shiflett to a bountiful catering table. And guitarist Pat Smear is shown giving the thumbs down to sweaty meats.

All ten pages of the rider/coloring book are included in the Smoking Gun article, so check it out.