Last night was a very different kind of concert experience for me. In the quiet streets of late night Silverlake, we found ourselves at the Bootleg Theater. The reason? The first tour of the mighty Big Sir.

Started by Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete (bassist for The Mars Volta) a few years ago, they had yet to ever nationally tour until this week. Joining them for the live show were Jonathan Hischke (bassist of Le Butcherettes) Matt Embree (of RX Bandits) and yes, even Cedric Bixler-Zavala (of The Mars Volta).

Their set was dreamlike and intimate; with Lisa’s soft voice mixed into the Space-Funk that the band was laying down. It was interesting to see a band play with two bass players at the same time. Jonathan provided the low end bass that you would be accustomed to, while Juan turned on the iconic Big Sir high treble augmented notes.

Contemplating the musical mind of Lisa is a true journey, as her programmed beats and instrumentals were something out of a science fiction movie, a bohemian festival, and a funk concert. Also, I was truly impressed by Cedric on the drums. I figured that he would lay down a few basic beats, but he really laid it down. Matt Embree added a few guitar and vocal touches, but mainly admired the show from afar.

The crowd nodded their head throughout the entire show to the funk, with a few couples even slow dancing together to it. Might seem hard to imagine, but that’s an example of how special and different this show was. Hell, it’s hard to even describe here what I experienced.

It was a rare night, getting to shoot the breeze with Cedric for a while, and meeting Juan and his wife; recommending the Bootleggers beer. Most heartwarming of all was meeting Matt Embree, and expressing my gratitude for his years of dedication to music and his fans. We also spoke a bit about his mother who recently underwent a major surgery. I told him how I had written to his mother on Facebook (which he asked Tumblr followers to do weeks ago) and he was surprised\grateful to hear I had done so.

So many talented and grateful people took place in a tiny little venue, and it was an experience for the ages. The tour is continuing, with last night being the first. Check out the dates here and check out a show unlike any other I’ve gone to this year.

Until next time my friends,