Some days, you wake up and not a fucking thing happens. Other days, you wake up and Bangs enters your life. You, my friends, can thank me later.

Bangs: Simply Bangin'

Bangs is only 19 years old, but he's already showing unparalleled promise. His unique accent, jerky flows, and love for pleasing bitches really sets him aside from the rest. Originally hailing from North Khartoum, Sudan, Bangs music career started to show sparkles of greatness when he moved to Australia in 2003. If this kid's potential catches up with reality, Australia may stop being remembered as an island of prisoners and vagabonds, and grow into a hip hop breeding ground.

So you think you know hip hop? Wrong, you don't know shit. Let Bangs educate you on some true hip hop with this jam, Take U to Da Movies:

For starters, he dedicates this track to the ladies; classy move and you should all take notes, 'cause this is how you get pussy. Next he continues to educate your dumb ass on how you treat a woman: you call her up, let her know you know what she wants, and what she wants is a movie and some popcorn. Fuck, it's so easy! And during the movie, he let's the girl know she can rest on his chest - smooth move, gentlemen, smooth move.

I know what you're thinking - how can he be a superstar with just one hit. Do I look stupid to you? Of course he's got more than one jam; shit, he's got more jam than Smucker's...more fire than a dragon. (That's right, Smucker's, bitch.) His album, Hard 2 Be Up, features other fast-paced tracks like Shake Dat, and he shows off his softer side with Take You Right Thurr and I Miss U. Literally with every listen I hear a new lyric that educates me and opens my horizons, which has never happened before.

Hip Hop Superstar Bangs: Doin' Work

What's next for this phenomenon? His HOT album, Hard to Be Up, drops December 4th of this year. And I'm sure he's already working hard in the studio to crank out another Billboard-buster. Let's just hope you all take some time and do yourselves a solid to get into this young man's music, 'cause like Bangs says:

Music is my wife.

You might not thank me today, but you'll thank me after you check him out.